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KVI in television and radio

KVI on television & Radio

Dr. Khanna had participated on many t.v. and radio shows regarding vision care

Dr. Khanna wants everyone to know how affordable and carefree vision surgery can be. Even if you have been turned down for surgery in the past Dr. Khanna informs his patients that new technology is available and might be able to help those previously turned away. Whether you struggle with eye diseases like Keratoconus, Pterygium, or Cataracts or if you just want to throw away your glasses, Dr. Khanna has options available for you. Informing patients is why he participates in various television and radio interviews on vision care. Dr. Khanna does a weekly radio show every week. Listen in to hear important information about vision! Past radio interviews have been held on radio station KHTS AM 1220.
Dr. Khanna has also been held in many television interviews. Go to Youtube to see Dr. Khanna on the Ed Bernstein Show talk about “Prelex” – a new type of corrective surgery for people ages 45 and older. He also held a “Prelex” interview on Time Warner Cables Local Edition.


by Rajesh Khanna