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Tecnis Aspheric Lens For Cataract Surgery

Technis Aspheric Lens

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The Technis Aspheric IOL is a newly developed Intra-Ocular Lens that is implanted within the eye after cataract surgery. Unlike past IOLs, the Technis Aspheric IOL allows its users to see with better functional visibility.

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Functional visibility is the ability to perform everyday activities in different light. This relates to your ability to see and do things when it is sunny, cloudy, rainy, or foggy. The Technis Aspheric IOL allows its users improved functional visibility, which means they can see more clearly in a wider range of lighting conditions than past types of IOLs.

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During cataract surgery, the eye’s clouded natural lens is replaced with a clear Intra-Ocular Lens, or IOL. Previous IOLs were shaped to be spherical, mimicking the shape of the lenses removed from the eyes. The problem with these lenses is that they limited the functional visibility needed to perform certain actions.

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The way the Technis Aspheric IOLs allows its users to see more clearly lies within its shape. The Technis Aspheric IOL is designed to compensate for the aberration present in nearly everyone’s corneas. By making the IOL aspheric, and compensating for these aberrations, the Technis Aspheric IOL is able to refract light more accurately, allowing patients to see greater detail in lower lights.

The Technis Aspheric IOL uses Wavefront technology. By using Wavefront technology, the Technis Aspheric IOL corrects the majority of corneal aberrations, allowing light to enter the eye and be focused better than many other IOLs.

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