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Yelp lasik eye surgery reviews

Yelp lasik eye surgery reviews

    • Maha S.
    • Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA


    The short version: I just had LASIK here yesterday afternoon and am incredibly satisfied with my entire experience. I’m usually wary of making recommendations but I would recommend Dr. Khanna in a heartbeat.

    The long version: I showed up at this office yesterday morning for a consultation after visiting another office earlier in the week that I did not feel great about. I find it impossible to believe that the other reviewer actually spoke to Dr. Khanna because I just don’t think he would ever be rude to customers or view them as a number. He was incredibly kind and helpful (as was every person in the office) – he even let me watch him do a procedure since I was nervous about the whole idea. I was surprised at the attention he gave me since the other place I went to said I wouldn’t see the surgeon until the day of my procedure. Dr. Khanna talked me through it and even noticed some details about my eyes that the other place missed. I was so comfortable with him and confident in his abilities that I ended up scheduling my procedure for just a few hours later. He and his staff were just as friendly and professional during that as they were in the morning, and the procedure went by smoothly despite my anxiety.

    For the first time in years I did not have to reach for my glasses when I woke up this morning. Dr. Khanna and his entire staff are amazing and I am incredibly happy with my decision to go to his office for this procedure. Some places focus on getting as many customers through as possible but here you can tell that  they put more effort into making sure that every individual gets the best possible care.

    My advice to anyone considering LASIK would be to go to Dr. Khanna, because when it comes to your vision you want to be in the best hands


Great experience!

I had my surgery last Thursday and I now have better than 20/20 vision. Ive had glasses basically all my life and it is simply amazing to wake up with clear vision.

During the surgery Dr. Khanna told me everything that he was doing to keep my calm and relaxed. Immediately after the surgery my eyes were stinging a little bit as expected, but as I walked through the doctors office I could already see better! I was given the appropriate drops and given specific instructions on how to use them.

My eyes burned quite a bit but I went home but I ate something and slept for about 5 hours and felt immediately better afterwards. The next day I comfortably drove myself to his office and he assured ,e everything was healing perfectly fine.

Now exactly one week later I have better than perfect vision!

If you are looking to get your eyes corrected, Dr. Khanna’s office is the place to go. Although he is not the cheapest option, his office has the most safest and most up-to-date technology. Additionally, his main nurse and technician is very knowledgeable and helpful

  • 6/1/2011

    Just AMAZING!  I can’t believe I didn’t do this 15 years ago!  After 30+ years of needing glasses, I had lasik last Friday.  Saturday morning, my eye sight was 20/20.  I cannot believe that I can see the alarm clock, the trees off in the distance.  The procedure was fast and painless.  Dr. Khanna and his staff are so kind.  They put me completely at ease.  It is clear that they care deeply about their patients.  I would recommend Dr. Khanna to everyone!  Wonderful!

  • 3/11/2011

    I absolutely love what Dr. Khanna has done for me. I was referred to him but several people and decided to go in for my consultation. Im a person that has always had problems with my eyes and was told by several doctors I would never be able to get Lasik, but Dr. Khanna made this possible.  My eye sight has never been better and the results showed within hours! With his incredible talent and experience, he gave me 20/15 vision (that was 1 day after surgery) and I continue to see fantastically. Every time I go in for my follow-ups, his staff is so welcoming, they are great with treating each client, and seeing people right away. If someone asked me if I would do this all over again, in a heart beat I would say yes!

    Thankyou Dr. Khanna and everyone at the office! You guys are incredible!

  • 3/13/2010

    I had my lasik done over a year ago from Dr Khanna, and i have to say, well worth it. I went from needing glasses for pretty much everything to 20/15 even now. Great staff, great service. A procedure like lasik requires both top of the line equipment and a good skilled surgeon, not something to take a chance on by trying to get a discount lasik surgery, and Dr Khanna is worth every penny. I was awake during the surgery and did not feel nervous even for a single second in there. If you’re considering lasik, forget the cheaply priced lasik surgeons and go for Dr Khanna, because lets face it, you want the best surgeon money can buy, and it doesnt get much better than this.