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How soon can I have sex after lasik eye surgery?

 How soon can I have sex after lasik eye surgery?

After your intensive research on lasik eye surgery you are in a hurry to get the vision correction procedure. You forget to consider an important question. How soon can I have sex after lasik eye surgery?

Lasik patient Stephanie Beacham

Lasik is super!

Why is this topic so important to be discussed here? Lets hear the answer from lasik eye surgery pioneer and expert- Rajesh Khanna, MD. “Great vision is an essential part of great sex. After lasik eye surgery nearsighted and farsighted people can see their significant others significantly better. Add to this the loss of inhibitions from the xanax or versed given at the time of lasik eye surgery.”

The precautions needed would depend on the type of laser vision correction surgery you undergo. With superlasik eye surgery it would be safe to have sex right after the procedure. There is no cut involved and the ultra thin flaps are protected by therapeutic bandage contact lenses.

Lasik eye surgery with automated sophisticated microkeratome or all laser lasik create a uniform flap. If eye is rubbed or opened forcefully there is a chance of displacement of the flap. It is wise to wait 48 to 72 hours after the surgery before indulging in coitus. A lot of patients do report that they have sex earlier than this time period. Be careful and wait at least a day would be our suggestion.

If you have wondered if sex life improves after lasik eye surgery, read this wonderful story. better-sex-after-lasik-eye-surgery

How soon can I have sex after lasik eye surgery, would also depend on your health. If any other factors like hypertension, diabetes or atrial fibrillation are involved please consult with your primary care physician.

It is important to have safe lasik eye surgery. It is equally important to have safe sex. Please prepare for this event even before lasik eye surgery.


Risks and Problems Associated with Visian ICL

Risks and Problems Associated with Visian ICL

Visian ICL is probably the most advanced technology present in the market today for vision correction. However, as with any other medical procedure, its benefits do not come without risks. There are a few possible Visian ICL problems that patients may encounter as well as have to be aware of:

Overcorrection and Undercorrection

Although a skilled surgeon makes use of the 3D advanced technology to make measurements before surgery, the measurements are not always perfect. Therefore overcorrection and undercorrection can occur. Similar to other refractive procedures, undercorrection in Visian ICL can be fixed with an additional procedure or with continued use of prescriptive eyewear.


Infection is not a very common risk or problem but since the procedure involves a small form of manipulation there still is a slight risk of eye infection, which could in turn delay the healing process.

Night Glare and Halos

Halos and night glare are the most common side effect of any refractive surgery. Visian ICL patients may still experience night glare and halos but the cases are less compared to those who have Lasik.

Damage to Crystalline Lens

Because Visian ICL is positioned inside of the eye, there is a potential risk of it touching the natural lenses. This could result to less opacity of the lens and in extreme cases it may lead to the need to replace the natural lens with synthetic ones.

Iridotomy Complications

The process of iridotomy or making a small opening near the edges of the iris using a laser is done during Visian ICL. Although complications from iridotomy are very rare, it could also lead to inflammation, corneal damage, scar formation, and intraocular
pressure increase.

Pressure problems

Sometimes the new lens inserted in the eye prevents the movement of fluid. This leads to an increase accumulation of the eye fluid behind the colored part of the eye. This can be painful and the surgeon must be immediately informed. The pressure needs to be brought down medically or surgically.


There may be a mismatch between the size of the lens and the space in the eye. This causes the lens to move forward and called anterior vaulting. This may also result in increase intraocular pressure as mentioned above.

So far, according to the company out of the 300,000 eyes with Visian ICL, there has been less than 1% of issue post procedure. The problems and risks associated with Visian ICL should be thoroughly discussed by our doctors before the procedure is agreed upon and performed on a patient.

Visian ICL is a great option for people with high powers or people who cannot wear soft lenses. We hope this information on Risks and Problems Associated with Visian ICL will prove helpful in your research.

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*written by Los Angeles ICL specialist, Rajesh Khanna MD

Our doctor and staff has experience with Visian ICL and serves countless patients throughout the Riverside and San Bernardino counties at our Beverly Hills Eye Center.