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Ten Best surgeon lasik eye surgery

Best Laser Lasik Eye Surgery

Hi, Dr Khanna here and today we’re going to do a lot of comparisons, because there are different questions asked.

Which Lasik Laser is best?” So there are multiple kind of lasers, the top three are: the VISX from Johnson-Johnson, Aligrator from Alcon, and shuwen (? 0:21), but out of the three, only the first two are FTA approved.

Which Lasik clinic is the best?” Now that’s a very tough question, but they have to look at three elements. They should have: the best lasers, surgeons who are the best and experienced, and they being able to give you the best personalized care. So you have to look at these factors in whichever city you are, and select the best.

Which is better Lasik or PRK?” Both are good surgeries, the surgeon had to decide which is safer for you. So in general, PRK or variations like Lasek and epi-Lasik are safer for you because they don’t cut into corneal. But they can also have their own side effects like haze. Lasik is more popular, because it’s faster healing because you can get back to work sooner, and you don’t want to be struggling to get your vision improved. So Lasik is faster, but PRK is safer.

Which is better Lasik or Lasek?” Lasek is that form of PRK, where we remove the top layer by chemical instead of by hand, and I think Lasek is safe, in fact we can even do Lasek with in patients with (INAUDIBLE – 1:50), whereas that’s an absolute contraindication in Lasik. For 75% of the people, Lasek would be a better option.

Which is better Lasik or ICL?” Lasik is less intrusive, it’s more on the surface, but ICL is indicated when there is a mismatch in the amount of corrections to be delivered in the amount of corneal available for safety. So in general I’d say if you have 520micro corneal and then the fraction is minus 12, ICL, but if you have a 460micro corneal and minus 6, ICL. But like for other scenarios like 520 corneal with minus 3 diopter refraction, Lasik would be a better choice, because it is less invasive, less side effects and you don’t penetrate inside the eye.

Which is better, smile versus Lasik?” I think we did a whole video on this, but just to summarize what’s available in the US, Lasik, like I design Lasik and treat astigmatism, hyperopia, and myopia, whereas smile can only treat myopia and Lasik heals much faster than smile.

Why does Lasik cause dryness?” Because it cuts the nerves, but that is not supposed to be permanent.

Are we awake during Lasik?” Yes, it’s important to remain awake. We do you and anxiolytic or Sedative to keep the edge off, nut you need to be looking at the laser light, and the laser light has to focus on you so that the position of the delivery of laser is maintained.

And here is another question which is a big mis-normal , “Why do Lasik Doctor wear glasses?” Few doctors do wear, because it’s everybody’s individual, but there was a recent general study in (INAUDIBLE – 4:05) surgery, and 70% of refractive surgeons have had Lasik eye surgery, so because you see one or two people who wearing and then that gets spread, that’s not true. So most of the refractive surgeons have had Lasik.

Which is cheaper, Lasik or Lasek?” I think pricing is dependent on how the business is run, because the cost to do both surgeries, Lasik, Lasek, or epi-Lasik, super-Lasik is similar. But there might be more follow ups required with Lasek and epi-Lasik, and in epi-Lasik, another special instrument is used. So some practices have the same price, so that price does not affect the best choice, and other practices grade it. They have different packages, but just to summarize, the pricing should be relatively same.

Are Lasik prices negotiable?” That again becomes a business question, and I’m sure all Lasik centers usually have some discounts running, and you should specifically ask. There are a lot of centers like us, and where we learnt from, our mentors… we give special discounts to the armed forces, and to cops and firefighters, teachers, so you should always try to get some discounts and ask based on your profession. And if discounts are not available, the next thing is to try to get interest free payment plans.

And I think that comes to the end, apart from one more interesting question, “Can I pay for Lasik eye surgery with bit coins?” And I think that is also getting more popular ad that your answer might be yes right now.

Thank you for listening, have a wonderful day, use your money for investment, not for burning and throwing it away.

Best Laser Lasik Eye Surgery is being offered at Khanna Vison Institute located at Westlake Village and Beverly Hills. Idesign Lasik surgery is one of the best things to happen in the advance of lasik eye surgery. Why are we calling it Best Laser Lasik Eye Surgery? Lets look at the facts.Continue reading

Idesign wavescan lasik

Los Angeles Custom Lasik IDesign or Topo guided Catz or Contoura

Los Angeles Custom Lasik has reached a new level of personalization. In 2017 we have more choices of sophisticated technology than ever before. Idesign wavescan from Johnson and Johnson is leading the brigade. Catz from Nidek and Contoura from Alcon are on its heels.

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Lasik Los Angeles

Best Lasik Los Angeles

Everyone seeks the Best Lasik Los Angeles. It is human nature. Some may say it is an evolutionary mechanism of survival to attain the Residents of Los Angeles live in a cosmopolitan world. there are numerous choices. Some people are looking only for the cost. They are willing to play a gamble with their eyes. Most people, on the other hand seek safety and good out comes with lasik laser eye surgery. It is difficult to choose the best. In the jungle a fight to fish would determine the top honcho. We don’t envision lasik surgeons dueling with each other, using their lasers. Though, that could be a new spin off of Star Wars.

Choosing the Best Lasik Los Angeles

We interviewed many people in Los Angeles who wanted only the best for their eyes. The following points emerged. These helped them select the Best Lasik Los Angeles Center.

  1. Newest lasers
  2. Good Reputation
  3. Nice Reviews
  4. Great bedside manners
  5. Willing to listen
  6. Open to showing the equipment
  7. Steady hands
  8. Warm Caring Staff
  9. Advanced technology
  10. Stellar Follow up care

Best Lasik Los Angeles

This feedback it will make your journey to find the Best Lasik Los Angeles Surgeon much easier. Watching Lasik video reviews will build your confidence. Answers to seventy percent of the questions can be deduced before you even step in to the lasik center for a consult. Do not waste your time at the lasik office asking generic questions like- is lasik safe, or how long does it last. If it was not safe why would surgeons be performing it. FDA has already approved it multiple times, after studying the efficacy and safety data. Your time is best utilized to meet and interact with the surgeon. He is the one who is going to perform this sight enhancing procedure. You got to see his steady hands. Develop trust. Interacting with a surrogate and never seeing the master of lasik is an error. Many people take the word of their optometrist and never meet the surgeon till the day of the Lasik procedure. Than panic sets in. You fidget and staff scream for you to stop moving. you get the scenario.

To obtain the best lasik eye surgery  in Los Angeles, you have to be the best patient. Do your due diligence. There are no shortcuts in life. Certainly, no then you are hunting for the best.

Sam Sim(ps)on co creator Simpson, Lasik eye surgeon

Sam Sim(ps)on co creator Simpson, Lasik eye surgeon

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