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SUPERLASIK™ Offers Unique Benefits

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SUPERLASIK™ or Epilasik is a procedure similar to LASIK, but with slightly different benefits. It is considered safer than LASIK as the flap is very superficial and thin. In fact, it is even thinner than possible with Intralase. Dr. Khanna uses an Epi-K epikeratome at his Beverly Hills and Orange County locations to create a small epithelial flap in the super layers of Cornea. He then gently applies the Wavefront based excimer laser beam to correct the error. Because the flap is created with an epikeratome instead of a microkeratome, the surgeon cuts fewer corneal tissue cells than in LASIK.

One enormous benefit of SUPERLASIK(also called EpiLASIK) is that it may allow patients with thin or abnormal corneas, who cannot qualify for LASIK, to improve their vision using permanent laser technology. EpiLASIK also is helpful in dealing with patients suffering from dry eye syndrome. Like LASIK the visual recovery is fast. EpiLASIK is also widely becoming the treatment of choice for patients with high powers.

EPILASIK may benefit patients who are Myopic up to – 12.0 Diopters, patients who are Hyperopic+ 6.0 Diopters, and patients with Astigmatism+_ 6.0 Diopter

The Superlasik Procedure

For more information about SUPERLASIK, please visit our Questions About SUPERLASIK page.
If you are interested in transforming your vision with this revolutionary procedure, please contact The Khanna Institute today to schedule a free LASIK screening. We offer convenient time and locations in Los Angeles and Ventura County.


Rajesh khanna, MD