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Questions About SUPERLASIK

Questions About SUPERLASIK

Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and Westlake Village, California


Superlasik means “superficial LASIK.” It was a term coined by the inventor Ionis Pallikaris; it was adopted and popularized by Dr. Khanna,. It means LASIK is performed in the superficial layers of the cornea.

Is it the same as PRK?
Superlasik is combination of LASIK and PRK. It borrows from the advantages of both the procedures. For example, like LASIK there is the creation of a flap, but it is a very superficial flap, allowing ablation from the laser to be performed at the surface of the cornea.

What is difference between LASEK and Superlasik?
In the LASEK procedure chemicals are used to break the attachment of the epithelial cells to the underlying basement membrane of the cornea. This kills the epithelial cells.
Superlasik employs an epikeratome to mechanically separate the epithelial layer from the rest of the cornea. This is a less painful procedure.

What are the advantages of Superlasik over LASIK?
Superlasik may still be performed when LASIK is not a good option. For example, those with thinner corneas, needing higher treatment, suffering from dry eyes, or engaged in contact sports like martial arts are all good candidates for superlasik.


Why do so few surgeons offer Superlasik?
In the technique of superlasik a flap less than half the thickness of that in LASIK is created. This requires much skill in handling and repositioning the flap. Superlasik requires an instrument called epikeratome. This requires investment of money.

How does Superlasik compare with Intralase LASIK?
The flap fashioned with the epikeratome is thinner than that created by the Intralase laser. Overall, Superlasik is considered safer than Intralase LASIK.

Beverly Hills Superlasik is performed by Dr.Khanna. Whether you live in los angeles or elsewhere  please contact The Khanna Institute today to see if superlasik can improve your vision and lifestyle..


Rajesh Khanna, MD

Beverly Hills Superlasik Expert