Superiority of PIE Procedure over Cataract Eye Surgery

There are many advantages of PIE surgery when compared to Cataract Eye Surgery. We will enumerate the superiority of PIE Procedure over Cataract Eye Surgery.

Cataract eye surgery, believe it or not, was invented in India over 2000 years ago by a surgeon named Susruta. His concept was to let the cataract mature till the patient could not see at all. He than performed a procedure called needling which pushed the cataract back. Whatever the patient could see was considered a blessing. Over the centuries the techniques and skills of cataract surgery have evolved but the basic concept remains the same, that is remove the cataract and accept whatever the result.

PIE or presbyopia implant in eye is a paradigm shift in this thinking. Almost like how theory of relativity jolted our concepts. PIE is goal directed surgery. We define the goals or outcomes before we begin the journey. The patient and surgeon decide which zones of vision would be of utmost importance. The patient shares history of previous surgeries, current diseases and medications with the surgical team. The surgeon than does a state of the art eye exam including three dimensional scans of macula, cornea and optic nerve. The PIE surgeon than needs to reflect on the combination of all this information obtained to set up a realistic goal, which has to be achieved.

Dr Khanna explains why PIE procedure is superior to Cataract Surgery

We can turn to football to understand the difference better. Cataract is like the quarterback throwing a ball. The direction and distance is not guaranteed. His job was to throw the ball and that was it. In PIE the quarterback has to throw to score a touchdown. Most of the times it will be on the first attempt. Sometimes it will be a little short of the touchdown line and the wide receiver has to catch and take it across. In every throw a touch down is essential.

Cataract surgery is only performed when the cataract is advanced that it interferes in daily work. The doctor has to determine if the cataract is ready for surgery. Further the insurance guidelines have to met and in the case of HMO someone has to approve it. A person above forty five is free to choose PIE whenever he so desires. The doctor and patient make the decision. There are no middleman. So a person does not have to suffer with deteriorating vision

Cataract Surgery is a term encompassing various techniques. The entire lens could be removed or some parts could be left behind. Injections, sutures and patches might be employed. Of, course after the procedure the patient needs some type of glasses. PIE involves a very specific technique. There are no injections, no pain, no patches and no sutures. A presbyopia implant has to be placed well centered in a pristine position. After the successful procedure person should meet the predetermined goals of seeing at various distances without glasses.

PIE has evolved from combination of cataract and lasik eye surgery. It utilizes principles of astigmatism and power correction of lasik eye surgery and applies them to an evolved from cataract surgery.

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