Superiority of PIE over Monovision.

Superiority of PIE over Monovision can be demonstrated theoretically as well as recounted by various people.

We have two eyes. Each eye sees the world differently. The generated images are fused in the brain giving rise to binocular vision. This allows us to judge distances accurately. Binocular vision allows us to change lanes on either side, put thread in a needle and more tasks in our daily life. Top baseball and basketball players have been shown to have superior binocular vision. In youth this binocularity is available to us at all distances. As we hit the forties the near vision begins to deteriorate. This is due to the gradual linear failure of the autozoom mechanism of the natural lens. To restore the near binocular vision reading glasses or cheaters were invented.

PIE is hugely better than monovision

Many people do not like to carry around readers. Some even hate wearing them. Around fifty years ago or someone came up with the idea to use contact lens to give reading ability to one eye while keeping the other eye for distance. This eliminated not only reading glasses but also binocularity. As no other option was available this method of monovision was replicated with lasik and even with cataract surgery. Sone surgeons have used newer implantable lenses like acrysof and softec HD to do monovision in people seeking refractive surgery.

Now we have newer technology where we don’t have to compromise on reading or binocular vision. Presbyopia implant in eye or PIE allow us to see at all distances with depth perception.

These new generation of presbyopia implants are a technological marvel compared to monofocal softec HD. Hence their cost price is over ten times of softec HD and other monofocal lenses.

There are many people who have had monovsion in the past and now selected PIE as an option to improve their life. They recount the benefits they had missed. They say it feels more natural and makes them more youthful. They don’t have to turn their head all the time while driving. Reading is less strainful. The biggest problem the monovison people have is if some foreign body enter their eye. This takes away the distance vision completely. It could be very dangerous if it were to happen while driving.

There are four varieties of PIE. They are accommodative, extended depth of field, trifocal and multifocal. They can be utilized to restore binocular near vision even if one is wearing monofocal contacts, multifocal contacts, or had undergone RK, lasik, PRK or other refractive surgery in the past.

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