Are you ready to restore your vision and reclaim your life?

Better than Lasik eye surgery? Yes, PIE or Presbyopic Implant in Eye delivers more than Lasik in people above 45 years old!


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Khanna Vision will restore your youthful ways….and eyes.

Welcome to Your New Exciting Life

Lets reverse the aging clock back to your twenties!

Presbyopic implants give distance vision
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See Far

See how far you drive the ball. Travel confidently in strange places reading the road signs.

See Intermediate

Your computer has never looked better. See the dashboard of your car clearly.

See Near 

Imagine reading whats written on those prescription bottles. You could easily read a mystery novel, a cookbook or grandkids' report card.

See It All

The distant birds, the flying panel and even your smartphone or notebook will all be in your visual field.

Beat the glasses, the contacts and the opponents!

Better vision brings quick reflexes and improves your pickle ball, tennis or whatever your current passion. PIE allows quick reflexes as the periphery of the field as well as eye brain  hand coordination is improved.

Fun whenever, wherever

Remember the time you first met the love of your life. You could see him/her clearly as your faces came near. Now, do the glasses come in between? Remove barriers and see clearly like it was love at first sight.

Fulfill your crazy bucket list

Let nothing hold your adventurous spirits back. Jump out of an airplane knowing you are no longer dependent on your contacts or glasses which may fly away. See the sky and ground as well as the instruction sheet "not to panic".

Dominate the dating world

As a single person, let not reading glasses divulge your age on the first date. We have heard it so many times. The menu came, out came my glasses and out came his phone to receive "an important call".

PIE will keep the other party guessing. You will turn the tables on them.

And ahem, you can order what you like to eat.

You will thank Dr. Khanna 

Performed by Board Certified  Rajesh Khanna, MD  who has improved the lives of thousands of people by bestowing amazing vision.   He has done PIE procedure on his mom, doctors, attorneys and celebrities. An avid listener and a caring physician, Dr. Khanna uses the newest technology to do precise measurements of the eyes, than uses his experience and skill to perform an everlasting procedure.

After piE patients thank Rajesh Khanna MD

Read this amazing bestseller and start transforming your vision and life in less than 5 minutes!

Don't hesitate! Get ready to celebrate!

Rejuvenate Aging Eyes Front Cover
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