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SMILE eye surgery- 5 Important Aspects

Smile eye surgery fathers day special

Smile Eye Surgery Los Angeles

Smile Eye Surgery with lenticule being removed

The laser platform used in SMILE eye surgery is Visumax. It has been developed by Carl Zeiss, from Germany.  Carl Ziess is well known in the ophthalmic community. They have produced advanced diagnostic equipment for decades. Slit lamps and topographers have set the industry standard. This laser can make flaps of different sizes. This is a femtosecond laser. That means it can be used with Visx laser to do lasik eye surgery. Normally  femtosecond lasers like intralase generate one cleavage plane. Visumax laser has the ability to produce one or two cleave planes. The tissue between the two cleavage planes  is removed. This is essence is SMILE Lasik eye surgery or small lenticular extraction procedure.

IS SMILE Lasik eye surgery an option for you?

Like Lasik eye surgery SMILE also requires a thorough evaluation. It may be a little forgiving but still has to respect the fundamentals of safe Corneal Refractive Surgery. Therefore, a stability in refraction is essential. A pachymetry distribution map in conjunction with color corneal topography is analyzed for safety of corneal intervention. A pentacam with computerized analysis is also helpful. Of course, absence of cataracts, glaucoma, maculopathy and other eye disease is required.

Who Can do SMILE Eye Surgery?

Only the very best lasik eye surgeons certified in SMILE eye surgery by Zeiss. This requires having done 50 lasik with the visumax laser. You see, this is a breakthrough technology which is painless. It require cooperation between surgeon and patient, without holding the eye with high pressure which causes pain, redness and visual disturbance. That’s why Zeiss insists on a strict training protocol.

SMILE Eye Procedure vs PRK And LASIK



Surface ablation just below the epithelium

​Reshaping done below epithelium and a portion of corneal stroma

A disc of corneal stroma is removed


Excimer laser like Allegretto or Visx reshapes the cornea

Excimer laser and a microkeratome or Femtosecond laser like intralaser employed

Only one femtoseocnd laser the Visumax used


​One plane treatment

​One plane treatment

Two plane treatment designs the outline of the lenticule

Gentle Treatment

Side Effects

Patient discomfort commons

​Risks of flap complication

​No flap complications