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Smile Lasik Eye Surgery

Smile, Please

Smile laser vision correction  has recently been approved in 2016. It is going to help a lot of folks who are afraid of eye surgery.

Smile Lasik

Thinking about having Lasik eye surgery, but haven’t been able to make the leap? Well, that may actually have been to your advantage. Technology is constantly improving, and that stays true for laser vision correction. With the Small incision lenticule extrSmile laser vision correctionaction, better known as Smile becoming available, your lasik eye surgeon is now able to perform laser eye surgery without making the infamous flap in your cornea. How do they do this? Continue reading to find out. 

Laser Eye Surgery with Flap

With traditional laser eye surgery, Lasik for example, there are two lasers needed. A flap must first be made in the cornea using the femtosecond laser. The flap is then folded back so the excimer laser can reshape the layers underneath, while bypassing the superficial layers. To be able to have Lasik, or any other flap laser vision correction surgeries, you need to have adequate corneal thickness. Your cornea needs to not only be thick enough to correct the error, but also to be able to make the flap. There is no longer a need to worry for those of you with thinner corneas, with the invention of Smile you too can have laser vision correction surgery!

(Smile laser vision correction) Laser Eye Surgery without Flap 

One benefit to the Smile surgery is that there is no flap needed, as stated above. Because there is no need for a flap, corneal thickness becomes less of a problem. Instead of making a flap, the femtosecond laser is used to make a tiny lens-shaped disc of tissue inside your cornea, which is removed through a tiny keyhole incision.  This also means that only one laser is needed, unlike with Lasik where two are needed.

Origin of Smile laser vision correction

Refractive surgeons like Dr. Rajesh Khanna remember a time before lasik eye surgery. There was a procedure called ALK or automated lamellar keratoplasty. A flap was made and a lenticule was cut with the flap maker called Automated corneal shaper. We salute those stalwarts who performed ALK. We are also grateful to all the patients who were courageous enough to have ALK performed on their eyes. Today we smile thanks to them..

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Being that Smile is fairly new, it is only available in a few laser eye surgery clinics worldwide! Not everyone is eligible to receive the Smile procedure, so be sure to schedule your consultation with your trusty Lasik eye surgeon today! (310) 482-1240

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