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Lasik eye surgery has come a long way since its initial operations and it shows exciting promises for the future. It has enabled thousands of people to regain their sight after undergoing a small and harmless procedure. Now there is a new kid on the block that makes things even less complicated, easier, and less harmful. SMILE eye surgery is the upgrade of Lasik and it has already received praise for its successes. As the evolved version of Lasik, patients can look forward to even more stability and assurance from the procedure.

What is SMILE?

SMILE is based on the same technology that is used during Lasik eye surgery called IntraLase. It has already been around for more than a decade which means that this new version of eye surgery has been built on a solid foundation. SMILE stands for Small Incision Lenticule Extraction. It incorporates the core aspects of Lasik surgery, better known as femtosecond technology, and can help with eliminating cataracts, vision correction, and doing procedures on the cornea. It is safe, harmless, and it does the job better than traditional Lasik eye surgery.

The way it works is pretty simple to understand. The SMILE machine uses the femtosecond laser beam to separate a thin lenticule or disc of corneal tissue from the cornea. The disc is removed from a very small incision and the net effect of the corneal shape then corrects the patient’s short-sightedness (also known as myopia). The thing that makes this revolutionary is the fact that it does not create a corneal flap and it avoids vaporising tissue. It is less disruptive to the surface of the cornea, theoretically speaking. It is already quite difficult to improve on the techniques of Lasik and in practice it might need some refining.

SMILE vs Lasik

Smile vs LasikSmile vs Lasik

smile vs lasik

smile vs lasik

It is very difficult for experts to distinguish between SMILE and Lasik, mainly because Lasik is already so advanced. It would seem that there is nothing to be corrected or improved. SMILE is the challenge that is posed to Lasik in order to aim and improve the already faultless method of eye surgery. SMILE has been classified to be a much more stable and precise method of eye surgery and it is just as safe and accurate, if not more so than Lasik eye surgery. It has not yet been tested for long-sightedness, but it is only a question of time before it makes its mark in that regard. SMILE may be a better option for people who have dry eyes and other more serious corneal surface issues. For others, Lasik might still be the best solution. These two different eye surgeries will depend on the type of patient you are, the factors that have to be considered in order for you to have a successful surgery, and the recommendation made by your doctor.



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