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Releasing Your Fear with Lasik Laser Eye Surgery

Releasing Your Fear with Lasik Laser Eye Surgery

People often think that when the treatment is categorized into a surgical procedure it is quite painful and critical. However, this does not apply to all types of surgery, as the popular Lasik surgery is not painful in the right hands.

Lasik eye surgery is different amongst other surgeries in a sense that everything you fear about a surgery is not applicable. Moreover, it is considered as the safest and the most painless surgery you can ever have. Its not the same as having open heart surgery.

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How Come Lasik is Painless?
Though the patient needs to be awake during the surgery, he or she will not feel pain as anesthetic eye drops and a mild sedative will be given prior to the start of the surgery. During the first step wherein a flap is formed from the cornea, the patient will just feel a little pressure on the eyes, but this will not totally hurt him.

After the surgery, wherein the flap is placed back on the cornea, a little eye discomfort, irritation, and scratchiness might be experienced by the patient. However, this can also soothe out after an hour because of the eye drops.

We work extra hard to keep it a pain free procedure. Starting with playing the music of your choice, to guiding you step by step through the procedure of Lasik keeps it enjoyable.

Is Having A Complication Possible?
All surgeries are open to the possibilities of having complications and for Lasik surgery possible complications include dry eyes, fluctuations, starbursts, and double vision. Fortunately, the possibility of this to happen is extremely minimal but you can rest assure that with best Ventura vision correction surgeon and clinic, you do not have to worry about possible complications. We have done countless vision correction surgeries in our Beverly Hills and Thousand Oaks location and only use the latest technology available. You can rest assure that at our practice any complications will be covered with the patient before any surgery is performed.

You can easily find the best Lasik surgery clinic from anywhere you are. You just have to be very careful. Remember that you cannot ever say that a clinic or surgeon is best if you are not comfortable with them in the first place. You must consider this as your first list in the criteria of choosing before assessing other things.

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By Dr. Rajesh Khanna MD

Written by Los Angeles Lasik expert at Khanna Vision Institute Beverly Hills

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