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Crystalens HD vs. ReSTOR Aspheric

Crystalens HD vs. ReSTOR® Aspheric

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Refractive lenses – also called intraocular lenses (IOLs) – are the new frontier of ophthalmology. Depending on the eye disorder you have and the extent of your condition, a certain type of lens may give you better results than another.

Types of Lenses

The two main categories of refractive lenses are accomodative lenses and multifocal lenses. There are currently three types of FDA-approved lenses available in these categories:

The power of the eye, any associated eye pathology, your lifestyle and needs as a patient, and other factors will all be considered before making the final decision.

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Picking the Best Lens for You

ReSTOR® Aspheric 3D is the most widely-used multifocal lens. This lens gives good distance vision and excellent near vision, with acceptable intermediate vision. ReSTOR® works best for people who do a lot of close-up work, and do not want to wear any glasses at all. For example: jewelers, librarians, and real estate agents would do well with these implants. The ReSTOR® lens is also preferred for patients with smaller pupils.

Crystalens HD is better suited for people who have glaucoma or macular degeneration, or for people who need the best possible contrast sensitivity. Crystalens is also the lens of choice in patients who have previously had Radial Keratotomy (RK) or are light-sensitive. People who have been accustomed to monovision may also prefer Crystalens.

Getting the Best Results

At Khanna Institute we spend a lot of time understanding the personality and post-operative needs of our patients. We have a questionnaire, a video presentation, and finally an in-depth discussion on the benefits of each particular lens for your needs. Dr. Khanna has obtained great results with both Crystalens and ReSTOR® lenses.

If you would like to learn more about the refractive lenses we offer and get help choosing the best option for you, please contact The Khanna Institute today to schedule a free vision consultation. We serve patients throughout the Los Angeles area, with offices in Beverly Hills and Westlake Village, California.