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Recovering from Lasik

A constant question patients always ask is, what is the down time for Lasik? Recovering from Lasik is an important consideration when contemplating lasik eye surgery.People seeking vision correction are always eager to return to their new lives and start to enjoy their new vision. It is understandable that one would be concerned with the amount time needed to recover post procedure.

That is why most people are astounded to hear that the recovery time is only a few days! Lasik is truly a remarkable, procedure that takes only 10 minutes to complete, a few days to recover, and can drastically improve your vision.

Comparative to other surgery which require weeks of preparation and downtime, lasik only requires a few days. Pain and discomfort are minimal and patients are able to continue their daily activities with little interruption.

Patients of various occupations, socioeconomic statuses, nationalities, and places of residence all benefit from this surgery. We understand the struggle people feel to be consistently tied to their contacts or glasses. It is a burden to have to rely on such mediums to allow you to exist and thrive.

Recovering from Lasik

Speeding up Recovering from Lasik

Some tips are pure common sense. A few special ones are what Lasik Eye Surgeon Dr. Rajesh Khanna recommends. Do not rub your eyes. There can be some foreign body sensation after lasik eye surgery. This is true i hot and dry climates. Refrain from touching your eyes. Dr. Khanna recommends not even dabbing your eyes. Your eyes are numb after lasik procedure. You may not feel the tissue touching the eye. This may scratch your cornea. So dab near your lips. The water coming out of themes is good for healing, It washes away any prospective bugs. It also drains out inflammatory mediators.

Avoid using laptop, computers and other gadgets emitting artificial light. These light beams may interfere in the natural healing. So no TV. Instead go out int o the natural world. With your dark shades on to protect from dust and bugs. Walking helps the body recover.

Avoid spa, swimming, kite surfing and other water sports.

Please put your eye drops correctly and regularly.

Wishing you a speedy recovery after sight enchancing procedure.

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