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Pterygium Expert

Dr. Rajesh Khanna M.D. provides an educational video about Pterygium (Surfer's eye), Pinguecula/ Pingueculae  & Lasik Eye Surgery.  If you have Pterygium find out what type of Lasik is best for you.

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Pterygium Expert


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Kevin Sorbo Experience


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Pterygium Problems


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Pterygium Removal

Board Certified & Internationally Renowned Ophthalmologist

Rajesh Khanna, MD will custom design a treatment for you to suit your lifestyle and expectations. Instead of pushing everyone through a single door, we offer various refractive procedures -Lasik, Superlasik, Lasek, Visian ICL, Pi in eye with Restor, Tecnis, Crystalens and Trulign. We also perform Refractive Laser Cataract Surgery and Cosmetic Pterygium procedures. We have access to Allegretto, Visx, Intralase, Catalys and Lensx lasers. We will treat you like family. It comes easy to us.

He has perfected the art of LASIK eye surgery along with other forms of refractive eye surgery. He has spent many years researching and refining his techniques in order to provide his patients with the best possible results.

Each person is special and each eye is unique


Recurrent Pterygium Management

If the pterygium is removed but no attention is paid to removing the scaffold of tenon’s capsule, nor adjunct therapies used – there is up to a 70% chance of recurrence.


Before Operating Recurrent Pterygium

Find out what was done in the original surgical procedure. Treat the dryness of the eye on a war footing. Plan to repeat surgery in winter or when the UV exposure is going to be minimum.


During The Procedure

During the procedure Of recurrent Pterygium identify the borders and extensions of the recurrent pterygium. Identify the muscles like the lateral rectus, medial rectus and the obliques. Avoid trauma to them.


After Surgery

After surgery for recurrent Pterygium close follow up is required. Treat emerging blood vessels aggressively. Taper anti-inflammatory drops slowly. Please don't worry if you have had a recurrence of Pterygium.

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Brenda Song Lasik

Brenda Song American actress

"I can see even better than I did before with my contacts and glasses."

Corbin Bleu American actor

"I definitely recommend Dr.Khanna, he's amazing at what he does."

Tara McNamara American actress

"Dr.Khanna was so thorough and clearly knows everything there is to know about eyes."

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