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Procedure with Los Angeles Intralase Lasik

Los Angeles Intralase Lasik Procedure

Serving Ventura, Los Angeles,  Orange County, California

Intralase is a femtosecond laser. It is at the cutting edge of modern technology. The most popular use is to make flaps for cornea. Its other use include making channels for Intacs, and in corneal transplants. We will discuss the use of Intralase for LASIK flaps. This is also referred to as Intralasik procedure.

Los Angeles Intralase LASIK Procedure :

When you come to our office we make sure all the questions have been answered and numbers checked and tests done. Than we give you an anxiolytic to relax you. You will be than taken to the Intralase suite. This suit is environmentally controlled room. The temperature and humidity is meticulously maintained. Not even cell phones are allowed into the room. Intralase is a very sensitive  but precise instrument.


We gently lay you down on the bed and position you under the laser. We will talk to you throughout the procedure, so nothing will come as a surprise. Next, we will mark the centre of the pupil. This helps in aligning the flap around the visual axis. Dr. Khanna will apply the fixation/pressure device to stabilize the eye. The cone of the intralase is then brought gently to touch the cornea. The laser tech will be monitoring the entire docking procedure on the monitor. When the docking is perfect the light on the monitor turns green. This prevents any undue pressure on the eye. At this time before the laser fires, a lasik eye surgeon can make changes to the design of the flaps. The flap profile is than centered on the previously marked visual axis. The laser is than applied. The intralasik surgeon will visually see the flap being made.


The Intralase works by breaking the bonds in the collagen layer, which creates bubbles. So, we have to wait for around 10-15 minutes for the bubbles to dissipate. Dr. Khanna will confirm on the slit lamp that the bubbles have been resorbed. The flaps made with this laser are of precise depth. The size and shape are more controlled. This si especially helpful in hyperopic lasik eye surgery where the treatment zone goes unto 9 mm or near the edge of the cornea.The lifting of flap requires some surgical skill. Hence you want to be operated on by a expert intralasik surgeon.

Than you will be taken to the Allegrato or the Visx laser suite. There the flap will be lifted. Further laser will be applied to change the corneal shape. The wholeLos Angeles Intralase Lasik Procedure experience in our beverly hills intralasik suite is pain free. The patients have commented that the staff is friendly and take the edge of the surgery.


Rajesh Khanna, MD

Beverly Hills Intralasik Surgeon