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Regain your youth see better Near and Far via Laser/ Lasik for Presbyopia

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Lasik for presbyopia Pie would mean not needing glasses for distance nor reading. You will feel young. You may lead a more youthful life free from the burdens of carrying glasses around your neck.

Lasik was intended to cure all forms of vision problems. But we are sorry to report that FDA never approved Lasik for presbyopia. What we are happy about is they found PIE technologies to be safe and effective.

You may wonder that your doctor told you nothing could be done for presbyopia or aging eyes and here we are offering more than one solution. Can I trust the information here?

"YES YOU CAN" In fact you can print the information here and take it to any doctor you want. Everything written here is cutting edge precision technology available to be used only by certified eye surgeons. That means a wonderful doctor could have been 1st in class and even approved by the American Board but yet not have access to this space age technologies. Doctors like Rajesh Khanna, MD are certified to use these latest advancements., Major companies like Johnson and Johnson, Bausch and Lomb certified Dr. Khanna once he met their rigorous standards.

Lasik for presbyopia Pie Allow decreased dependency on glasses. Many are Contact Lens and Glasses Free..

Decrease Your Dependency On All Glasses

Finally you can decrease your dependency on all glasses Keep Reading...

Your eye is unique. Dr. Khanna therefore finds a personalized solution for your needs. Its good to understand the latest options to enhance your vision. And wait there is more. There is more than one type of PIE. There are implants like Raindrop and Kamra which are inserted in a pocket in the cornea. Than there are the ones which are implanted deeper in the eye like Symphony and Restor. Ah, I hear you say Which technology is right for me?.

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Presbyopic Implants Allow cure of"Presbyopia" The implants are placed - In Cornea or in Lens.

See Far

You want o scuba dive, swim or ski without glasses. You don't want glasses to restrict your sky diving or your driving.

See Near

You want to see the score card while playing golf. Or read a bestseller. Or do needlework.

See Intermediate

The dashboard of your car is important to be see with unaided eyes. Smartphones, laptops and newspapers.

See All Distances

Your wait is over, you can soon start seeing at all distances... as you are at the right page and place.

Here’s what people are saying about the Khanna Vision

All that stands before you and your goals is fear of eye surgery. Overcome your hesitation and visit Khanna Vision Institute. The friendly staff and the charming bedside manners of Dr. Rajesh Khanna will put you at ease.

Brenda Song

American actress

I can see even better

than I did before with my contacts and glasses.

Corbin Bleu

American actor

I definitely recommend

Dr.Khanna, he's amazing at what he does.

Tara McNamara

American actress

Dr.Khanna was so thorough

and clearly knows everything there is to know about eyes.

Yes, Now it's Time To Meet the solution

Rajesh Khanna, MD


Listens to you

You know yourself better than anybody. Dr.Khanna listens to you to learn your problems and what you desire.


Highly trained

Board Certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology, two residencies two fellowships and so on. Learn more about Rajesh Khanna, MD.


Operated on Mom

He has implanted presbyopic implants on family members including his own mom.


Would you like to avail of freedom

From Glasses, Contacts and Cheaters?

pi in eye

Decrease your dependency on near vision glasses Forever.

With so many latest presbyopic implant options, it can get difficult to sift through the information. We understand that. We feel the same way when we have to buy a car. Luckily for you you can let Dr. Khanna do the heavy lifting for you. Tell him your problems and your desired goals. He can present you the best options for your lifestyle. You can then explore those in depth.

Dr.Khanna and our staff answered many questions from seekers of vision. Finally he decided to capture the essence of all those queries. He spent countless hours in developing an app and writing a fabulous critically acclaimed bestseller.

Bonus 1
Explore the app

This app has been developed to help you understand and choose the best lasik for presbyopia pie option.

Bonus 2
Read the book

It is available on Amazon and Kindle. Explains how the eye works, what is presbyopia and how the solutions deliver..

Bonus 3
Listen to the audio version

Drive and learn. Especially if you do not want to wear glasses to read the book.

Rajesh Khanna, MD

Dr. Khanna is the solution. No one technique or implant can work for everybody. Eye expert Dr. Khanna brings to the table two decades of surgical experience. He combines that with certifications in the latest cutting edge technologies. He will help you choose what may be the best choice for you.

Here’s what people are saying

It has worked for thousands It can Work For You

Christian Doe


God bless those hands that deliver the miracle

I cannot believe it :) I Feel free. The glasses had irritated my skin so much that I used to panic when I had to wear glasses. I hated them so much. Now within a week of my procedure I can read everything. I know realize why the book is titled The miracle of PiE. It feels like a miracle..

Barbara Lane

Art Director

Dr. Khanna is the solution

No one technique or implant can work for everybody. Eye expert Dr. Khanna brings to the table two decades of surgical experience. He combines that with certifications in the latest cutting edge technologies. He will help you choose what may be the best choice for you.

Marie Jones

Marketing Specialist

One of the most educational apps...

The app was with every penny I paid. Easy to install and use. The interactive nature of this app blew me away. I felt there was person answering my questions. DO TRY THIS APP

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Treat presbyopia

Latest FDA approved technologies


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  • Correct nearsightedness
  • Farsightedness
  • Eliminate Astigmatism
Presbyopic Implant

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  • Reduce Dependency
  • On Visual Aids
  • Crutches Like Glasses
  • Contacts And Spectacles
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All the information presented is for informational purposes only. You need to discuss your options with a qualified eye MD. Presbyopic implants require medical or surgical procedures. These procedures may be associated with unique risks and complications. No guarantee is implied in this webpage. Previous success does not guarantee future success. Your results may vary.

Lasik for presbyopia pie is for entertainment purposes only. Lasik for presbyopia is not FDA approved. Presby Lasik or lasik for presbyopia may be available outside the United States.

​We Welcome you to explore your options.

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Debra Grant


I can write the prescriptions clearly

Yes even physicians need to see. We go through the same struggles in choosing a vision surgery expert. I am glad I read the book and than had Dr. Khanna perform life changing surgery on my eye. (I am able to read for my Board recertification.)

Linda Parker


An amazing book...

Most of the articles or webpages I have read have been technical and boring. This informative book is different. It was an easy read. It is packed with so much easy to understand information on presbyopia. I even loved the chapter on Dry Eyes.

Glenda Sanders

Financial Advisor

I looked at a lot of surgeons for my Lasik

And considered the priciest ones I could find. I saved up the money for well over a year and looked for a good doctor that entire time. I had a specific surgeon in mind who had come recommended by several close acquaintances but when I went in for my consultation he had raised his price to $6800, completely non-negotiable. I looked around and was about to bite the bullet on that insane price when I found Dr. Khanna. His recommendations weren't from people I knew personally but everything I read about him was glowing.

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Does Lasik Eye Surgery Hurt?

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Correcting Myopia with Lasik Eye Surgery?

How Lasik Works? 

Correcting Hyperopia with Lasik Eye Surgery?


Helpful staff provides the best experience.


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  • Superior Technology
  • Skilled
  • Safe

Things to avoid after lasik surgery treatment


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  • Staring at bright lights
  • Driving
  • Applying cosmetics
  • Exercising
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Taking a bath in a shower

Personal note

You probably know many relatives and friends who have this procedure. Yet, for most people the word Lasik incites some fear. (When I starting doing lasik 25 years ago Lasik was not a word but an acronym). Some people manifest the fear while they are researching the topic what is lasik eye surgery. Others hold on to the fear till the day of lasik intervention. The fear is universal. It is an evolutionary mechanism in our DNA. Scientifically it is termed as Menace reflex. If anything comes close to our eyes we immediately shut our lids. The big elephant on this page has to be addressed – – The fear of going blind. If lasik is performed by experienced skilled surgeons using the latest safer equipment, the chances of going blind are almost zero.

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