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PIE is a vision correction procedure that corrects presbyopia. Let us see what the meaning of each word in the acronym is.

Presbyopia is an organic vision change that occurs with age which hinders the ability to see close up objects. Usually people will start to experience this condition around the age of forty-five and it will then progress with age. This is when most people start using glasses for reading. People who have had previous Lasik eye surgery will also experience this and people already using glasses will proceed to more bulky bifocals or progressives. Presbyopia will make it more difficult to focus on objects near, middle and far.

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PIE Is Short For Presbyopia Implant In Eye.

It is an acronym coined by Rajesh Khanna, MD

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Rajesh Khanna, MD is a critically acclaimed author. He has also written books on the subject of keratoconus and lasik eye surgery. These books are titled “Cure of Keratoconus” and “Lasik in the 21st Century”.


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