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Monovision Lasik and Blended Vision for Presbyopia

Monovision Lasik

& Blended Vision Lasik for Presbyopia

Serving Los Angeles, California and Surrounding Communities

Monovision is a refractive surgery technique designed to improve presbyopia by correcting one eye for distance and leaving the other slightly nearsighted. This technique allows you to see close objects clearly with one eye, and distance objects clearly with the other eye.

  • Most people over age 40 will eventually develop Presbyopia.
  • Patients over 40 who have presbyopia can choose the monovision procedure to reduce or eliminate the need for bifocals or reading glasses.

Blended LASIK vision correction is an innovation of Rajesh Khanna, MD. It is specifically designed by Dr. Khanna for people over 40 who are intolerant of monovision. Blended vision gives distance and intermediate vision with some reading ability. The patient can still wear basic reading glasses for better vision.


The CK Near Vision procedure uses the monovision technique to correct vision, resulting in what is termed “Blended Vision.” Blended vision can also be achieved with LASIK instead of conductive keratoplasty or CK. In fact, wavefront optimized lasik vision eye surgery has proven superior to CK. That is why Dr. Khanna perfumes mono vision or blend lasik for people who want to see far and near.

Find out if Dr. Khanna’s Blended Vision procedure can help bring your world into focus. Contact The Khanna Institutetoday for a free screening, to see if mono vision or blend lasik may satisfy your lifestyle needs. There is no obligation, just knowledge.


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