PRELEX Consultation

PRELEX Consultation

[mappress mapid=”2″] [mappress mapid=”3″] Prelex consultation with an experienced Pi in Eye surgeon is very important. is also known by a more simpler descriptive term PI in eye or Presbyopic Implants in eye. A consultation or pre-op appointment is required where one will gain knowledge on the surgery and select the specific lens to be implanted. This allows for the patient to become comfortable with the procedure and take care of any necessary arrangements before the procedure. PRELEX involves exchanging the natural lens for a presbyopic implant lens. There are a variety of different lens to choose from including the restore 3D lens and the crystal lens HD. The patient and doctor together will select the appropriate lens that best fits the individual’s specific needs and lifestyle. Generally most practiced and prominent surgeons like to conduct a thorough consultation. In which they will examine the eyes, possibly dilate the eyes and learn about the individual their specific vision needs and vision history. The physician may take into account an individual’s occupation or daily activities when selecting a lens. In order to best fit that particular patient’s needs. Doctor’s will often show slide shows, models or digital presentations of the actual procedure to patients so that they will completely understand what they will be experiencing. Patients are also given the option to speak with other patients who have previously had the surgery and gain an understanding and insight to the surgery experience and life after PRELEX. If the surgery is performed in house patients also have the opportunity to watch the surgery as it is being performed. Good surgeons will give their patients every opportunity to be informed and comfortable with the procedure before the surgery date.

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Contemplating PRELEX

As one’s eyes tend to worsen the possibility of surgery is often considered. Individuals debate wearing contacts or glasses which can be bothersome, costly and ineffective. In previous years the freedom to permanently correct poor vision was not an option. Now through modern science we have developed an advanced procedure known as PRELEX. PRELEX has virtually no disadvantages or drawbacks. It can prevent the aging eyes from worsening, correct vision problems and diseases and allow clear flawless vision without the hassle of glasses or contacts. The PRELEX procedure is concentrated on the forty and over age group. This unique procedure allows for one to see far, middle and near. It is better than LASIK for the over forty age group and will last a lifetime and prevent the development of cataracts. Getting the prelex procedure can save you money on replacements or contact lens or glasses and constant eye exams. It can also save one enormous costs on a cataract procedure that will likely be needed in the future.

Learn about the steps and tests performed in Prelex or Pi in eye consult.

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Who is the ideal candidate for PRELEX?

The ideal candidate for PRELEX surgery is a person over the age of 45 who is presbyopic and/ nearsighted or farsighted or does not qualify for LASIK.

How does PRELEX improve my vision?

Correct focusing of the eye is determined by the relation between the curvature of the cornea (outer window of the eye) along with the focusing power of the eye’s natural lens (inside the eye) and the length of the eye. Most other vision correction procedures like LASIK or LASEK attempt to change the focusing power of the cornea. PRELEX on the other hand, corrects nearsightedness and farsightedness by replacing the eye’s natural lens with a special presbyopic intra-ocular lens like the restor aspheric or the crystalens HD.

By Rajesh Khanna, MD