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Pamela Anderson bestowed title of Lady

Pamela Anderson bestowed title of Lady

Breaking News. Monday evening at Hotel Bel Air, Beverly Hills. A great event occurred on October 20th 2014. Pamela Anderson of Baywatch fame was bestowed the title of Lady. This was in honor of the amazing work she has done to save the whales. “I was at the frontline at Faroe Islands. We were able to bring the number of whales slaughtered from around 30,000 to 35” spoke Pamela passionately.

Lady Pamela Anderson was born in Ladysmith! The stars destined her to become a star and a lady. She got her break in Home Improvement and who can forget her in Baywatch?

Pamela Anderson Foundation  wants to avoid the herd mentality. “It strives to give a voice to the animals who are unable to speak. We are all interconnected and are one with the earth.” spoke an emotional Lady Pamela.

Hollywood actress of Baywatch fame- Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson of Baywatch and Rajesh Khanna, MD

The event was attended by her husband and handsome son. The ever smiling Sam Simon, Co-creator of Simpsons livened up the gathering.The positive energy emanating at the gathering was testament to the  spirt and belief of Pamela Anderson.

This was the introduction given by Los Angeles Lasik Surgeon Rajesh Khanna, MD

Hello, my name is Dr. Rajesh Khanna, I would like to welcome all of you to the Montenegro Knighting Ceremony for Lady Pamela Anderson, Baroness Lily Moore, and Baron Sir Steven Moore.Officiating the Knighting Ceremony today on behalf of Prince Stephan “Chi-ne-tik”, is Sir Linjie Chou-Zanadu.

We will first hear from Baron Sir Steven Moore on behalf of Baroness Lily and himself. I am a client and personal friend of Steven and Lily. I have seen both of them over the years tirelessly contribute to more charities than I can count. In addition to their own contributions, they have encouraged me and their client base to contribute as well. He will be followed by Lady Pamela Anderson.

Lady Pamela will be honored tonight for her extensive work in saving the whales and other wildlife. Additionally Lady Pamela heads up the Pamela Anderson Foundation, which does so much for the community.

We will then hear from Sir Linjie Chou-Zanadu, on behalf of  Prince Stephan “Chi-ne-tik” who will explain all about Knighting and what it entails.

Following the comments, Sir  Linjie Chou-Zanadu will officiate the Knighting Ceremony.

After the Knighting Ceremony, each table, one at a time will be welcome to meet, greet, and take photos with Sir Linjie, Lady Pamela, Baroness Lily, and Baron Sir Steven Moore.

We would like to thank the media that is here to cover today’s Knighting Ceremony.

Pamela Anderson of Pamela Anderson Foundation

Sir Linjie Chou-Zanadu, Lady Pamela Anderson


Thank you.

Rajesh Khanna

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