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WASHINGTON, Aug. 2 (UPI) — U.S. research is expanding the theory that vision is processed in the brain along circuits made up of neurons.

Scientists at Georgetown University Medical Center have discovered visual information is also processed in a manner similar to propagating waves oscillating among brain areas.

“What we found is that signals pass through brain areas like progressive waves, back and forth, a little bit like what fans do at baseball games,” said Associate Professor Jian-young Wu, the study’s corresponding author.

Just as a “stadium wave” travels through the crowd, a collective pattern emerges from the activities of millions of neurons in the visual areas, he said, adding, “It simply makes sense that brain function is the result of large numbers of neurons working together.”

The finding challenges longstanding theories about how the brain processes sensory information, Wu said.

“One traditional model theorizes that neurons are hooked together into specific circuits,” he noted. “However, new imaging methods tell us that there are more than just circuits.”

The research that included Weifeng Xu, Xiaoying Huang and Kentaroh Takagaki was reported in the July 5 issue of the journal Neuron.

This can explain why traditional methods of vision measurement are not enough. And why people with similiar vision still see differently.

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