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The Khanna Institute of LASIK and Refractive Surgery is proud to announce it is offering the newest version of Acrysof’s ReSTOR intraocular lens (IOL), the Acrysof ReSTOR +3.0 D. The ReSTOR +3.0 D received approval by the Food and Drug Administration on December 23, 2008 for the correction of presbyopia in cataract patients. In clinical trials, the ReSTOR +3.0 D achieved a superb patient satisfaction rate, with 95 % of recipients saying they would have get the lens again. Nearly four times as many patients achieved 20/20 vision with ReSTOR +3.0 D as with previous versions of the ReSTOR lens.

When the natural lens in one or more eyes becomes cloudy with cataracts, the only available treatment is replacing the lens with an artificial lens. Early replacement lenses only allowed recipients to see clearly either up close or at a distance, but ReSTOR and other advanced IOLs can give patients a full range of vision following surgery. The ReSTOR lens can also be used to correct presbyopia, a condition that affects many Americans aged 40 and older, typically requiring the use of reading glasses or bifocals. Because of its superior optical qualities, the ReSTOR lens offers the chance for people to continue performing all their day-to-day tasks without the use of reading glasses or bifocals.

To learn more about the ReSTOR +3.0D or other treatments for cataracts and presbyopia, schedule a refractive surgery consultation today.

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