What is Monovision?

Everyone in their 40s and beyond will eventually develop presbyopia. This condition involves the hardening of your eye’s natural lens, which makes it difficult to focus on near objects. If you find it difficult to read text without holding it far away from you, you most likely have presbyopia. While some patients are content using reading glasses/bifocals to solve their problem, others are frustrated by their dependence on eyewear.

Monovision is a type of refractive surgery designed to treat presbyopia by correcting one eye for distance, leaving the other slightly myopic (nearsighted). Monovision allows you to clearly see close objects with one eye, and distance objects with the other eye. Your brain naturally decides which eye to use when focusing at different distances.

However, some people are intolerant of monovision. Dr. Khanna can perform a test to see whether or not monovision is right for you. If not, we offer an innovative blended LASIK vision correction procedure that provides distance and intermediate vision with some amount of reading ability. You will still wear basic reading glasses for the best near vision possible, but you will be less dependent on them.

To find out if monovision or Dr. Khanna’s blended vision procedure can help bring your world into focus, please contact The Khanna Institute today or call (877) 254-2662 today to schedule a screening with our experienced Beverly Hills LASIK surgeon.

About the Author Rajesh Khanna, MD

Los Angeles Lasik Surgeon Rajesh Khanna MD is a recognized pioneer in Presbyopic Implants for correction of aging eyes. He has popularized Cornea Cross Linking and Intacs forKeratoconus. He is an Expert Cataract, Pterygium Eye Surgeon, A Cornea Specialist he performs Laser Corneal Transplants, DMEK, DSEK and DALK. Rajesh Khanna MD is a well known medical writer. He has published the bestseller "The miracle of Pi in Eye".He is also a columnist for the newspaper Acorn. Dr.Khanna also hosts "Medical Magic". In his spare time he hikes with his family and German Shepard or does yoga. He also plays field hockey and loves swimming.

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