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The Miracle of Pi in Eye

The Miracle of Pi in Eye

Better than Lasik for patients over 45



Better than Lasik for patients over 45 this book uncovers the secret of everlasting vision. Have you ever wondered how you could eliminate the effects of aging and those pestly reading glasses? Or have you been worried about developing cataracts? If you are over 45 and suffer from cataracts or just want perfect vision for the rest of your life then the Prelex procedure is for you. This procedure is more advanced than Lasik allowing patients to see far, middle and near in each eye (not monovision). The book explains the procedure of Presbyopic impants (PI) and how it corrects vision. It delves into what a patient can experience before, during, and after a lens exchange procedure as well as how to select a good doctor. Written for the everyday patient this book uncovers everything from which lens to choose amongst Restor, Tecnis and Crystalens (all FDA approved lenses), what questions to ask, and what you need to know before having surgery. Read all about this astounding procedure in the bestseller –‘The Miracle of Pi in Eye’

by Rajesh Khanna, MD