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Microscopes and Cataract Surgery

Microscopes and Cataract Surgery

Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and Orange County, California

Cataract surgery has evolved from large incision surgeries to micro-incision surgery. Microscopes played a critical part in this transformation. Their use in cataract surgery was popularized in the United Stated in the seventies by Richard Troutman, Chairman of SUNY Downstate Medical Center in the Bronx, New York. This is the hospital where Dr. Khanna received his training.

Microsurgery and the Evolution of Cataract surgery

As cataract surgery became less invasive, with fewer risks and a shorter recovery period, it moved out of the hospitals and into accredited ambulatory surgical centers. The invention of advanced intraocular lenses combined with less-invasive surgical practices led to the development of PRELEX surgery – a procedure that corrects presbyopia by exchanging the eye’s aged lens with an advanced intraocular lens that reduces the need for reading glasses.


Select a Qualified Microsurgeon for Your Cataract Surgery

Today, microscopes have become an essential part of the cataract surgery procedure. This puts significant demands on the eye surgeon. The surgeon needs to be physically fit and dexterous to do modern day cataract or PRELEX surgeries. While keeping his eyes glued to the eyepieces of the microscope, his feet control the vertical, horizontal and fine focusing movements of the microscope.

The best microsurgeons also rely on the best tools. Some of the best microscopes are made by Carl Zeiss. The optics are very important to give a clear binocular image, allowing depth perception. These modern day Zeiss microscopes can be linked by cameras to TV or computers allowing people to view live surgery or even record the surgeries.

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