Khanna Vision Institute's Media Coverage:

Khanna Vision Institute contributes to popular local magazine and newspapers in Ventura and Los Angeles counties and surrounding areas. You may or may not recognize these publications, but you can still enjoy all of their benefits and learn more about our office and what we can offer you! If you have any questions regarding any of our media, articles, or our offers please feel free to Contact Us.

Dr. Rajesh Khanna is honored to have been requested and added to the SuperDoctors publication. This publication is intended to showcase the highest rated, and most skilled, Doctors.

Newsweek is a National news publication which proudly presented Dr. Khanna on the cover of their magazine due to high amazing results with his patients and his work ethic.

After achieving critical acclaim, Dr. Khanna was featured on the cover of Beverly Hills Times  Magazine. Dr. Khanna then received numerous signatures from his Celebrity patients who are ecstatic with their results and are proud to have put their trust in Dr. Khanna in the care of their eyes.

Dr. Khanna is an Author, who has written and published the book The Miracle of PI In Eye.  The Book is about the cutting edge lens replacement procedure. It explains the ins and outs of the procedure as well as goes over all of the different lens options. It covers everything a patient should know about the procedure, as well as everything regarding Cataracts and treatment plans for it. Click Here to ask us about how to get your FREE copy!


Cataract Surgery Demystified