Meet the Miracle Worker — Introducing Dr. Rajesh Khanna


(WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif., August 15, 2006) – What distinguishes Dr. Rajesh Khanna from every other LASIK surgeon in America? It might be his reputation for pioneering safe LASIK in an era of sketchy offices in mini-malls advertising LASIK surgery for $499. It could be his 11 years as a premier LASIK surgeon with multi-million dollar equipment, which is maintained and upgraded by the parent company of VISX. It might be the fact he speaks seven languages and customizes his patients' treatment according to their sight needs. Perhaps all these elements are the reason patients come to the Khanna Institute of LASIK from as far away as New Zealand to have their sight restored by the man known as the Miracle Worker.

Raised near New Delhi, Dr. Khanna knew he wanted to be a surgeon at age seven. While other kids were playing with toy soldiers and racecars, he was performing hour-long "pretend" surgeries on adult subjects. His decision to become an ophthalmologist came in med school, after his mentors noted his steady hand and delicate touch. "When I first studied the eye under a microscope, it was love at first sight," said Dr. Khanna. "With the myriad colors and complex structure of the eye-combined with the necessary precision to operate: I knew I had found my calling."

"Dr. Khanna is the best doctor around Ventura Co. I had Lasik in one eye and PRK in the other. I am very happy with the results. I was very nervous, but once I met Dr. Khanna and spoke with the staff, I felt very much at ease."*

– Alma MendozaRadio (Talk Show Host,KNUX Ventura Co.)

After going to medical school in South India, he performed his residency at SUNY in Brooklyn, and fellowship at the University of Cincinnati in Cornea and Refracture Surgery. In Cincinnati, he observed the ill effects of LASIK surgeries performed without respect to sanitation or sterilization-and became passionate about pioneering the Safe LASIK Surgery. It is on this principal that Dr. Khanna became an internationally renowned surgeon and founded the Khanna Institute of LASIK, which is headquartered in Westlake with additional locations in Beverly Hills and Valencia, Calif.

Dr. Khanna takes great pride in involving his patients in a safe and highly customized LASIK treatment. He takes into account how each patient uses sight on a daily basis and tailors the treatment accordingly. Do they want to ditch their reading glasses or want to clearly read freeway signs from a distance? By utilizing Iris Registration and making precise adjustments to the CustomLASIK machine, Dr. Khanna can correct tiny imperfections in the eye that significantly impact a patient's quality of vision.

His technique of Safe LASIK revolves around the three "S's": sanitation, superior technology and skill. In order to remove any bacteria in the patient's system, Dr. Khanna prescribes antibiotics prior to surgery. Once in the state-of-the-art surgery room-where family or friends can view the surgical process through a window-he sterilizes the patient's eyes and isolates potential germs on the lashes with Tegaderm. After performing thousands of surgeries using the finest equipment available for Safe LASIK surgery, Dr. Khanna guarantees a virtually painless and accurate procedure-so effective that following the surgery, patients can see the detail on the tree leaves outside Dr. Khanna's office. It's like going "high-def" in a matter of minutes.

He is gifted with a passion for restoring sight to his patients-safely and affordably. After performing thousands of successful surgeries on patients from all over the world, it's no wonder Dr. Khanna has earned the moniker of "The Miracle Worker".


It's Time Your Eyes Saw the Red Carpet!
Guaranteed Safer Super — LASIK Surgery with VIP Service

(LOS ANGELES, CA, September, 2006) - The red carpet is rolled out for every patient who visits the Khanna Institute of LASIK. Whether you are Jennifer Aniston, Tom Hanks or Joe Average from down the street, Dr. Rajesh Khanna, founder of Khanna Institute of LASIK guarantees your surgery safety and results.


Yes, you heard it correctly. At Khanna Institute of LASIK, the professional ophthalmologists guarantee every surgery for its patients! With 24/7 on-call service from actual people, (not those annoying answering reps) Dr. Khanna and his staff are available and will provide VIP service and satisfaction before and after surgery.

If you have a refractive vision problem such as myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), or astigmatism, wouldn't you rather put your money on the safer LASIK (laser in-situ keratomileusis) surgery solution which offers better customer service? We live in an era of eye care specialists with a mini-mall mentality, charging a measly $499 for LASIK surgery, while they run their patients through the office like cattle. LASIK surgery has become one of the most popular ways to correct vision. But are these "deals" the safest way to surgically correct vision?

"Initially I was a little skeptical and scared but now I am extremely pleased with the improvement in vision. Thank you Dr. Khanna and Staff."*

– Jason Barbour

It is estimated that millions of people in the United States have undergone vision correction surgery. Dr. Khanna believes that every patient deserves the safest surgery possible when choosing LASIK. He and his staff have consulted and performed thousands of LASIK surgeries on satisfied patients from around the world who have benefited from the high-standard procedures at the Khanna Institute. Dr. Khanna specializes in Super-LASIK (EpiLASIK) which provides patients an option for a "no-cut" procedure.

Brian Hays, of the Ventura Police Department testifies, "After extensive research, I called Khanna Institute. Their professional, yet friendly approach set their office above all others. In preparing for a life in law enforcement, my vision is of the utmost importance. Less than 24-hours after the procedure, I could see 20/10. Khanna has given me unimaginable confidence!"

What makes the experience at Khanna Institute of LASIK stand out from the rest? When a patient visits the newly renovated office in Westlake Village, they are consulted by a specialist named Michele, who is not only a bright-eyed, certified eye care technician, but an actual patient who was legally blind before meeting Khanna. She explains the benefits of the virtually painless procedure that changed her life.

After the free consultation, Dr. Khanna will examine the eyes in order to ensure that each patient who is interested in LASIK will meet the criteria for surgery. Each candidate is guided to the "Peaceful Room" where soothing sounds of a fountain provides a backdrop to Dr. Khanna and his staff who assist in detailing the procedure with the patient, family and/or friends. On a large screen television, prospective patients can watch an educational DVD outlining the laser procedure. And if that wasn't enough "celebrity-service" for a day, Dr. Khanna is also available by cell phone, if anyone should need to ask him questions before making the decision for LASIK.

Dr. Khanna's attention to detail is unparalleled. He prescribes antibiotics prior to surgery in order to prevent the risk of infection or bacteria, the office is equipped with an open window for family and friends who want to view the surgical process and he employs several sanitizing methods prior to surgery. Not only does he uphold these standards daily, but he never forgets that each patient is a "person". With his easy going manner, Dr. Khanna will guide each patient through the surgical process and discuss in detail the postoperative anticipations. Using the finest equipment available for Safe LASIK surgery, Dr. Khanna performs a virtually painless and accurate procedure in less than twenty minutes. Patients who undergo LASIK surgery immediately understand the benefits; after the first "blink" they begin to capture never-before-seen, minute details around them. And you can bet; one of the first things seen is a smiling Dr. Khanna.

Does this sound like the red carpet treatment Jennifer Aniston or Tom Hanks would receive? Sure! The celebrities who call Dr. Khanna demand the same type of service that he provides to patients on a daily basis! At Khanna Institute of LASIK, they believe everyone deserves the best treatment possible. (Did we mention the free parking?)

Lasik Surgeon Dr.Khanna on Valley Life

Lasik Surgeon Dr.Khanna on Valley Life