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List Of What We Are Going To Learn About Cataract Vision Correction Procedure

  • Is it time for you to have Cataract Eye Surgery?
  • ​Hospital or Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC)
  • ​General or Local or Topical Anesthesia?
  • ​Laser Cataract Surgery or Manual Cataract Eye Procedure
  • Lens Implant vs No Implant
  • Glasses or Presbyopic Implant in Eye(PIE)
  • Needles or No Needles
  • Stich vs No Stich
  • Patch vs No Patch
  • What Does Insurance Cover?

Tired of cataracts and blurry eye vision?

  • Have glare, haloes and blurry vision affected your driving or your drives in golf?.
  • Are you unable to read despite wearing glasses? Do you need extra light to read?
  • May be you are not able to see your grandchildren play across the field. Or the TV guide is not clear.

Hi, I'm Dr Rajesh Khanna, MD . Cataract Surgeon in Los Angeles. I have been helping people get rid of Cataracts for over two decades. I can guide you to a  better outcome with Cataract Eye Surgery. You will be able to live a safe, independent life. Enjoy your hobbies - hiking, swimming, biking or whatever your passion may be. 

Los Angeles Cataract Eye Surgeon

Los Angeles Cataract Eye Surgeon   Rajesh Khanna, MD

You May Have Cataracts: Learn All facts about Cataract Surgery!

There are so many variations in cataract surgery. You have to make a choice which is best for your eyes, your lifestyle and your pocket book. To make a choice you need the correct information. A ten minute interaction with a doctor is not enough to understand all the nuances of cataract eye surgery. This decision affects every minute of the rest of your life. Lets invest a few minutes as we learn in simple terms about  cataract eye surgery procedure.

This list on options of cataract eye surgery procedure is very comprehensive. We are going to cover each point in detail. So bookmark  this page - Now. It can be your one stop for everything related to cataract eye surgery. You wont have to jump from one site to another. I am positive you have tried that. You probably have also got confused with all the information posted on multiple reputable sites. 

We don't know who writes most of the information on websites. On this page a Cataract Surgeon is sharing his three decades of experience. Therefore, You can use your time to learn all the details about cataract surgery right here.

Educate yourself before signing up for Cataract Surgery! Are you feeling scared of cataract eye surgery? You probably hate the idea of something coming near your eyes; leave alone sharp pokey things. Well than you have come to the right page. Read on...

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You need Painless Cataract Surgery. Good, quick outcome "Lifetime-Vision".

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Let us recapitulate what are cataracts? The natural lens in our eye focusses incoming light. This natural lens is made of proteins which are laid down every year right from the time we were in our mother's womb. Yes like the rings of a tree. The lens fibers have no where to exit. Therefore the volume of lens fibers increases. The newer fibers compress the older ones in the center. Nutrition to the lens suffers. The lens fibers are not able to keep water out. They undergo change in color and become opaque. The opaque fibers or lens is CATARACT!

Keep in mind: The Cataracts ARE NOT REVERSIBLE. Billions of dollars have been spent on research to prevent or dissolve or reverse cataracts. To no avail. Therefore we have to know more about the only option that works - safe painless cataract eye surgery procedure.

Does everyone get Cataracts? 70 % of people by age 70 have been detected to have cataracts.

Who needs Cataract Eye Surgery?                     If vision interferes with your safety, enjoying life, or Work!


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Cataract can affect people differently. An active working person who drives home back at night is going to be bothered even with an early cataract. 

The type of cataract is another element in decision making. Spoke cataract can break incoming light causing a lot of glare and interfence in vision. Especially if the spoke is in the center of the pupil of the eye.

You are the person who makes the final decision about when to have cataract eye surgery  - not the insurance company nor even a doctor. You know your life best.

Once you have decided to have cataract eye surgery you have to choose the setting that is right for you. If you feel young and active ASC may be the best option for you. Even if you have diabetes or blood pressure. If you have more problems than an ASC in hospital setting should be considered. People who require general anesthesia or have severe health issues may need to be hospitalized for cataract eye surgery. Most cataract eye surgery performed in big cities like Los Angeles is at ASC.

Type of Anesthesia

  • General Anesthesia.
    If you are not in optimum health and may need advanced medical supervision. This method was used for all fifty years ago.
  • Regional .
    A method commonly used a quarter century ago. It uses sharp needles around the eye to number the face and the entire eye.
  • Topical.
    The current method of choice for dextrous surgeons. It numbs the area where the surgery is going to be performed. Why put the whole body to sleep when only the front part of the eye requires pain management? Don't worry. Special drops instilled inside the eye avoid any pain.

Seventy years ago surgeons did not implant synthetic implants in the eye. Patients ended up beverly far sighted. They required thick glasses which caused lot of visual problems. Today the standard of care is to insert an artificial lens inside the eye at the end of cataract eye surgery.

Choice of PIE or Presbyopic Implant in Eye


A yellow tinted lens. Blocks blue light. Allows vision at all distances. Acrylic.


A clear lens. Different presbyopic powers available. Acrylic with power on back of lens. 


Accommodating presbyopic Implant Silicone material. Can correct Astigmatism.

Needles, Stitch, Patch...

These are old fashioned methods used in your grandparents time. Modern refractive cataract surgeons have abandoned this archaic painful, dangerous procedures.

Keep one thing in mind: your almost painless Cataract Eye Surgery is safer. Needles can puncture the eye so are best avoided. Patch on a eye accumulates fluid and becomes warm. This can be a good medium for bugs to grow. Stitches are painful and irritating. So avoid these unecessary interventions. 

What does my Insurance cover?

Now we are approaching the million dollar question. You have paid premiums for your insurance. You also may have paid into medicare. You deserve to know that exactly they will cover for your cataract eye surgery procedure in Los Angeles.

Cataract is a Medical Disease of aging. Vision Insurance does not cover the procedure of surgery of eye. Medical insurances cover Cataract Eye Surgery.

The interesting and vexing part is that every patient has a unique plan. Co pay, Co insurance, Deductibles all need to be known to understand what would be the out of pocket expense for the vision enhancing technique of cataract eye ​surgery.

If you are interested in Knowing what your insurance would cover for your Cataract Eye Surgery

Call : 1 800 411 KHANNA or 1 800 411 5426

Please have your Medical Insurance Card in your hand.

If you want to Read More about Cataract Eye Surgery

Read this book: The Miracle of Pi in Eye

You may want more detailed information.  The perfect solution to learning more about cataract eye surgery is in this easy to read bestseller.

While we were holding back before, it's now time to be very specific. Talk about your product, what it is, what your customer gets when they purchase. At this point, after all the buildup, your readers really want to know what you have to offer, so don't hold back.

  1. How to Choose a Cataract Eye Surgeon.: it's always a good idea to have a visual representation of your product. It makes it more tangible and more "real" in your reader's mind.
  2.  How to prepare for Cataract Eye Surgery:  The book explains medications and wether you should stop them. Arranging help and rides. How to put drops before and after Cataract Surgery.
  3.  Precautions to take after Cataract Eye Surgery: When should you lift weights or start tennis?  (This book will be a companion of the rest of your life).
Presbyopic lifestyle premium implants


If you live in Los Angeles you should read this book from cover to cover. If you live beyond Los Angeles, you should immediately order this critically acclaimed treatise on cataract eye surgery. Feel confident when you discuss with your eye surgeon various options for vision correction surgery.

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Dr Khanna - Los Angeles Cataract Eye Surgeon
Rajesh Khanna, MD
Cataract Eye Surgeon

Author of  "The Miracle of Pi in Eye'

About the Author- Rajesh Khanna, MD

Board Certified Ophthalmologist by the American Board of Ophthalmology. Advanced training in cataract and cornea eye surgery from University of Cincinnati. Accomplished speaker and Critically acclaimed author.

Dr. Khanna has been performing cataract surgery for over 23 years. As techniques have evolved he has absorbed new technologies in his repertoire. He has performed cataract eye surgery as done 100 years ago as well as the latest cutting edge methods. That is why he is sought after by people who value their vision.

You have nothing to loose but your  Poor Vision 

Cataract Eye Surgery is a life transforming vision correction procedure. It is one of the best investments you will ever make. You have to choose the best implant and the best cataract eye surgeon. Its not easy to make that choice sitting in a darkened room with a sales counsellor breathing down your neck.

You can snuggle with this book in front of the fireplace. Read it. reflect and than read again. You pay only once but can read multiple times without paying any thing extra. You wish you had the same privileges to ask repeated questions of your cataract eye surgeon. 

For less than a co pay you can have priceless information

When you visit a cataract eye surgeon, you have to pay copays or deductibles. Besides paying monthly premiums. It costs more to park in Los Angeles than you would be paying for 'The Miracle of Pi in Eye' a thesis on cataract eye surgery for lay people.

Advantages vs Disadvantages

Now you may be wondering if it is really necessary to get this book on cataract eye surgery. Hmm, maybe I can just read up a couple of websites and ask my doctor a few questions and I will be well set. Lets look at the advantages of reading this thorough book on surgery of cataracts  and compare it to the traditional method.

Read The Book

  • Information on cataract eye surgery presented in a logical manner
  • The book is divided into chapters for easy reference.
  • 'The Miracle of Pi in Eye' is written by a credible author
  • 'The Miracle of Pi in Eye' discusses laser cataract surgery and different types of presbyopic implant
  • The written word can always be referenced.
  • It even discusses risks and how to decrease their likelihood.
  • Even doctors love this book.


  • Information from internet is scattered into confusing pages.
  • Most information on cataracts is duplicated whereas important point may be ignored.
  • American Medical Association found that 80 % of medical information on Internet is incorrect..
  • Doctors speak in medical jargon. There might be a gap in what they say and what you comprehend.
  • Six months later everyone forgets what was exactly discussed.
  • Information from neighbors is unreliable.
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