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LASIK Safety Resource – Santa Barbara

What is safer LASIK?

  • Fellowship trained: A training period of at least one year, at a prestigious University.
  • Should have done more than a thousand procedures.
  • Keratoconus, Pelluciadal marginal degeneration actively looked for.
  • Residual bed calculations done
  • Dry eyes actively looked for and treated.


Meticulous LASIK Surgery
  • Custom Flap As each cornea is different (just like snowflakes) different size, shape and speed of Microkeratome (flap shaper) are used.
  • 4th Generation laser with active tracker and Wavefront technology.
  • Draping the lashes
  • Sterile powder free gloves cornea
  • A new blade for each LASIK patient
  • A thorough interface wash
  • 4th generation antibiotic used
Post Op Care
  • Patient seen by the surgeon immediately after the surgery.
  • 4th generation antibiotic

“Dr. Khanna is great, very experienced, confident, and no, I didn’t feel a thing. (nothing like a dentist).”*

– Gurpreet Sidhu, DDS