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The LASIK Surgery Quiz – What They Didn’t Teach You at Harvard


Q1: Who is the leading lady in “The eyes of Laura Mars”?
A: Faye Dunaway

Q2: What is the speciality of Rajesh Khanna, MD?
A: LASIK and Cataract surgery

Q3: Which part of the eye gives it its color?
A: Iris

Q4: How many surgeries has Dr. Khanna Done?
A: More than 2000

Q5: What is the The Golden eye?
A: A James Bond Movie

Q6: Who is the only LASIK surgeon in Westlake Village, Los Angeles County?
A: Rajesh Khanna, MD

Q7: How many eyes does the Cyclops have?
A: One

Q8: Which LASIK Institute has offices in Beverly Hills, Simi Valley and Westlake Village?
A: Khanna Institute of LASIK and Refractive Surgery

Q9: How can bats fly in the dark with bad eyes?
A: Using sonar (sound waves)

Q10: Which part of the brain is associated with vision?
A: Occipital Lobe

Q11: What does the acronym LASIK mean?
A: Laser assisted Intrastromal keratomileusis

Q12: What is VISX?
A: Laser manufacturer having the Largest market share in the US.

Q13: What is the term for decreased near vision around the age of 40?
A: Presbyopia

Q14: Which is the most common myopia hyperopia or astigmatism?
A: Myopia

Q15: Can a nearsighted person see better without visual aids? Microkeratome?

Q16: Where and when was cataract surgery invented?
A: India 2000 years ago

Q17: What is Fellowship of Refractive Surgery?
A: A training of at least 12 months under an expert mentor.

Q18: Which superheros emit a LASER beam from his eyes?
A: Superman / Cyclops

Q19: Which vitamin is important for the eyes?
A: Vitamin A

Q20: How many eyes does a starfish have
A: None

Q21: What kind of eyes do flies have?
A: Compound Eyes

Q22: What gland is known as the third eye?
A: Pineal Gland

Q23: In which country was LASIK invented?
A: Greece

Q24: Which comedian was famous for his “bugs eyes”?
A: Rodney Dangerfield

Q25: What is the difference between a laser pen and the laser used in LASIK?
A: HeNe beam vs Excimer (excited dimmer)