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Lasik is Finally Invented – But Not in Beverly Hills

You may have read on many websites that your local LASIK doctor invented LASIK Surgery. This claim may be equated to a former presidential candidate claiming to have invented the internet. Lets give credit where its due: To the Geek, I mean the Greek – Ionis Pallikaris. (In greek it probably means I am going to be rich)

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“I am completely happy with the results. I am now encouraging my roommate to have the surgery.”*

– Nathan Dittmar (Student)

Well you know the jocks. They could not let the dorks win so they came up with LASEK, then epi Lasik (soon there will be underlasik, then behind LASIK and then wonderLASIK). Perhaps we should say LASEK / LASIK surgery was invented right here in Beverly Hills…