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LASIK Laser Surgery – Los Angeles

A Brief History of Lasers

LASER: Light amplification by stimulated emission of Radiation
MASER: Microwave application by stimulated emission of radiation
ERASER: Used to rub pencil marks,not an acronym(gotcha)

EXCIMER: Excited Dimer
The idea to apply the excimer to the cornea was conceived by Sirinivasan in New York.

“It’s been exactly one week since my Lasik surgery and WOW! It truly seems like a miracle.”*

– Tara McNamara (Radio Talk Show Host)

Alex Trebek - Host of Jeopardy
Classification of EXCIMER LASER
  • Gas Excimer LASER
  • Whole Beam
  • Scanning Slit
  • Flying Spot
  • Variable Spot Scanning
  • Solid State Excimer LASER

Generations of EXCIMER LASER: 1st, 2nd , 3rd, 4th

Refraction,Corneal Topography and Wavefront

Internal optical aberrations. May arise from the posterior surface of the cornea, the aqueous, the lens, the vitreous or the retina.

1 Ablation Surface Surface Deep
2 Epithelium Removed Nonviable Intact
3 Haze + + +/_
4 Healing 2-3 days 2-3 days Immediate Immediate
5 Pain Day 1 Day 1 Day3 None
6 Recovery Slow Slow Fast Fast
7 Safety Safe

<100m Removal


<100m Removal


<100m Removal

>250 Micron bed
8 PreCone Possible Possible Possible No
9 Instrument Brush Alcohol Epitome Microkeratome
10 Thin Cornea + + + >475 microns