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LASIK Eye Surgery

Grading System for Selecting an Orange County LASIK Laser Eye Surgeon


S. No
1. Laser Surgeon Fellowship Certified at a University 90
2. Done more than a 1000 laser eye surgery procedures 40
3. Only The latest generation of LASERS
Used in all patients
4. Active tracker employed 20
5. Will not retire in the next 5 years 20
6. Custom Flaps 30
7. Wavefront LASIK surgery 10
8. Powder Free Gloves 10
9. New Blade on every eye surgery 10
10. Post op Exam by Laser Surgeon 20
Total 300


250-300 Trust your eyes
200-250 Seek second opinion
100-200 Seek another eye surgeon
0-200 Find Another Surgeon


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