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LASIK Eye Care


  • Epithelial Ingrowth – The top layer of the cornea finds way into the interface. If the flap edges are not well aligned or there is abrasion, the cells find a pathway. This may be also predisposed by dry eyes and rubbing the eye after surgery – poor post-surgery eye care. If the epithelial ingrowth is limited to 1mm from the interface observation may be warranted. If the Epithelium in growth progresses from the 1 mm zone to words the pupillary zone then treatment should be considered. The treatment would require relifting the Flap scraping off the Epithelium from the flat bed and underside of the Flap. This may be accompanied by I application of 20% alcohol or PTK. the flat may then be the position to back and contact lens applied. Some LASIK eye care surgeons like to use tissue glue or sutures to keep the flag up post to the bed.
  • Sands of Sahara
  • Incomplete Flaps
  • Button Holes
  • Glare/ Haloes
  • Infections
  • Corneal Ulcer
  • Culture and Sensitivity


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