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Retinal Detachment and Lasik or Lasek Surgery

Can Patients with retinal detachment have lasik eye surgery?

Reitnal Detachment and Lasik eye surgery is a special topic of interest for top lasik expert – Rajesh Khanna, MD. Hehas helped many patients who have had retinal reattachment surgery and need Lasik eye surgery. There a few considerations to be kept in mind when contemplating Lasik on such eyes. Retinal Reattachment and Retinal detachment surgery have the same meaning. Even though the former name is correct, conventionally the Retinal Detachment surgery has been used.

What are the effects of Lasik on the retina and can it cause the retina to detach again?

Lasik eye surgery causes pressure on the vitreous base. The rings of femtosecond laser, epikeratome and microkeratome induce forces as they stabilize the cornea, prior to flap making. This circular force may cause shearing forces on the retina. It is best to avoid such trauma. While performing Lasek there is minimal vertical pressure of the chemical well. In PRK there is scraping done with minimal pressure. Therefore, Lasek or PRK is a good and safer option.

What effect does previous retinal surgery have on Lasik?

Retinal Reattachment surgery can involve scleral bands. They usually induce a lot of astigmatism. This may have to be corrected on the corneal plane.

When should Lasik be performed after RD?

This is a question where the Lasik and retinal surgeon have to communicate. If the scleral band is going to be removed, it is best to wait for its removal. This allows the eye to loose some induced astigmatism and try to return to its natural shape.

Sometimes silicon oil or gas is injected into the eye. It’s not wise to be doing refractive surgery while the eye is undergoing fluctuation. Its best to consult an experienced lasik eye surgeon who has performed such procedures and helped people suffering from the after effects of retinal detachment.

Special points to focus on:

Some machines cannot obtain data. For example, the auto-refractor may give erroneous readings. The surgeon should manually perform the refraction with attention to the axis of astigmatism. The intraocular pressure has to be closely monitored. The eye drops have to be slowly tapered. The eye drops used for Lasek are beneficial to the retina too.

Los Angeles Lasik eye surgeon, Dr. Khanna says “there is hope and solution for people desiring laser vision correction after retinal surgeries”.

If you would like our Lasik eye expert to give an opinion on your special circumstances, you may send your retinal records for evaluation. You may also request your retinal doctor to speak to Beverly Hills Lasik authority to see what’s best for your eyes.

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