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Invest in LASIK today for a lifetime of happiness with Tax Return Gift


Its that time of the year when you may get greenbacks from Uncle Sam. There is a lot you could do with this windfall- buy a new car, take a vacation or buy a new dress. That will will be the same story five years from. What if you could invest your money in something that will last a lifetime? Lasik eye surgery performed with a top lasik surgeon can fulfill the dream of lifelong great vision. Loose glasses and contact lenses and gain independence with the best laser vision correction technology.

Its a gift from the IRS. We should use it wisely. An indulgence in your eyes is not cosmetic as insurance industry will have your believe. It is visual enhancement. Cosmetic procedure is done to please the onlookers. Vision enhancement procedure is performed so you can enjoy the world better. Get up in the morning and see the alarm clock. Go swimming, surfing, kite surfing or whatever your passion, enjoy the view and improve your performance. Heck, you can even see the amount return on your refund check,

But its your hard earned money! You do not want to gamble it away at one of those advertised cheap puppy mill lasik centers. You need to research and meet the lasik surgeon personally at a conslt. Feel comfortable trusting your eyes and money to this laser specialist. Only a Lasik eye surgery expert can handle all the nuances of this delicate procedure.

Wait we saved the best for the last. IRS will also allow you to deduct the cost of lasik eye surgery as valid medical expense for the next tax return. You can also use your flex spending account or HSA for paying for the lasik procedure. If you don’t have either you can always ask for affordable monthly payments.

You can use this money for cure of astigmatism, custom nearsighted lasik, farsighted wavefront lasik or even Pi in eye presbyopia correction. Sometimes you may need no cut superlasik laser surgery or intralasik. Don’t worry we can take care of all the subtleties of safe lasik eye surgery.

If you don’t require lasik you can always gift it to your grandkids, children, or your sweetheart. Let them know how much you love them.

So essentially

1. Obtain your tax refund

2. Find an expert lasik eye surgeon.

3. Pay the center

4. Have Lasik

5. Enjoy Vision

6. Deduct the expense from next years taxes

Please see we are a premier lasik eye surgery institute serving los angles county. We cannot replace you CPA or tax advisors. Please consult with them regarding your unique situation.

by Rajesh khanna, MD