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What is Intralasik Eye Surgery?

Intralasik eye surgery further demystified

Alex, who says “Lasik is the best thing he ever did in his life”, talks about overcoming the fear of Lasik eye surgery. See why Alex is so happy and for more information call 1-877-2-KHANNA.

Intralasik Eye Surgery Expert Thousand-oaks-ventura

The most common eye-problems experienced by most people, relate to sight, are problems related to either near or far vision. The answer for this is to use graded eyeglasses temporarily; however, this will not treat the problem. The best answer to adjust the visual modality is to perform a surgical operation. There are lots of surgical procedures today that will help resolve the problem. The best procedure that could provide the best, accurate, and risk-free result is the LASIK surgical procedure.

What is Intralasik?

LASIK means Laser Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis. It is a surgical procedure that uses Microkeratome, a metallic-blade device used to do the surgeries. In inexperienced hands this procedure may be risky, as the possibility of blade errors can be high.

An alternative is utilizing a laser to create a precise flap of defined shape and thickness. This is at present known as Intralasik.

Intralasik promotes “all-laser” surgical procedure, so basically, the risk associated with the blade devices is gone. Every process is performed utilizing a computer-controlling device, making the adjustments more precise. It then corrects nearsightedness and farsightedness much better and more comfortable.

How Intralasik works?

In Intralasik treatment, the laser is used to harmlessly pass through the cornea separating the layers and lifting it up gently. The laser is actually not hot. Instead, it is cool to touch. Once the flap is lifted the treatment will then begin using another laser known as Excimer. After correcting all eyesight problems, the lifted flap is laid back down. The whole operation can be performed easily without even having eye-stitches.

The treatment can be done not just in one eye but also in both, if preferred by the patient. It alone requires an average of 10 minutes to perform the whole operation even in both eyes. In order not to create an eye sensation, there are special eye provided to every patient. If you are looking for one of the best Intralasik treatment provider, you can find him in Thousand Oaks and Beverly Hills Eye Center offering Intralasik eye surgery procedures.