Do I Qualify for Lasik Eye Surgery?

This is probably the number one most asked question by those seeking to have Lasik eye surgery. Find out

Dr. Khanna, a Los Angeles Lasik Eye Surgeon, reviews the requirements patients must meet before they can proceed with Lasik surgery.

Lasik surgery is helpful for many people with vision issues such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. However, before any procedure can be done, candidates for Lasik eye surgery need to go through different tests to ensure the compatibility of the patient with the procedure since about 30% of people wanting to get Lasik surgery are not good candidates. Here are some of the steps and tests to know if a patient qualifies for Lasik surgery:

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  1. Tomography of the Cornea or Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

The ophthalmologist assesses the anatomy of the cornea through a non-invasive test, which makes use of images of the cornea produced by refracted infrared light from the tissues of the eyes. This test only takes a few seconds to yield 3D images of the cornea. Measurements of the cornea are just some of the useful information that surgeons get from this test.

  1. Pachymetry.

How thick is the cornea. Is it uniformly thin or are some areas thinnner than others. this has to be determined with an ultrasound pachymetry which is very accurate.

  1. Visual Acuity and Refraction Exam

This test is similar to the procedure of getting prescription glasses or contact lenses. It involves reading the Snellen chart and testing out the different lenses to achieve the 20/20 vision.

  1. Ophthalmology Examination

This is a series of quick tests such as:

-Dilation of pupils

-Tonometry or measuring the intraocular pressure in the eyes

-Slit lamp test

People seeking to be tested for Lasik surgery compatibility are told to stop wearing contact lenses for at least 72 hours before the tests since contacts can alter the cornea shape and affect the test results. If the tests are abnormal then they have to be out of soft contact lenses for a few weeks. Some people who wear RGP or Hard lenses have to be out of thier contact lenses at least 3 weeks or more.

The results of these tests combined with basic information about the patient’s overall health are what help doctors decide for the goodness of fit for Lasik surgery. Dr. Khanna, serving the Santa Barbara area, is known for his professionalism and strives to make every patient feel satisfied with their vision results. He performs all pre-operative procedures weeks before any surgery to make sure all measurements all accurate and finalized before any surgery. He recommends you have the same high standard of care wherever in California you may choose to undergo lasik laser eye surgery\

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