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Lasik with wavefront

LASIK with Wavefront improves accuracy of outcomes of laser vision correction. This is due to accuracy of measurements of power of different areas of the eye. Secondly the placement of laser treatment is more precise.

The refractive power of the eyes has been measured since the 18th century by sending light into a subject’s eye, and the scientist, doctor, or amateur optics enthusiast analyzing the reflected light. Custom LASIK is a similar concept, but refined using the latest laser and computer technology to give unprecedented results.

Determining a Corrective Lens Prescription

For determining an appropriate prescription, eye doctors have long used the familiar “Better 1 or better 2?” is done to determine the actual refractive power of the eye. This depends on some educated guessing on the part of both the patient and the doctor. The precision is limited by the lens steps available and the accuracy of the results depends on the patient’s ability to distinguish between two very close options. The final written prescription accounts for only 2 axes of refractive error, although the eye, as a three dimensional object, has three possible axes of refractive error.


LASIK with Wavefront Is A New Approach to Vision Correction

Towards the end of the 20th Century eye doctors borrowed from their astronomy colleagues the idea of wavefront. This technology is used in the Hubble telescope. A precise pattern of hundreds of beams of light is sent to the eye. The reflected light is measured by a computer. An ideal predetermined reflected pattern is used as a baseline. The actual reflected pattern is subtracted from this to yield a treatment pattern.

Latest Los Angeles Lasik Technology

The big advantage in this method is that it analyzes hundreds of point and generates a treatment pattern for the same hundreds. This treatment protocol can be transferred directly to the laser without any chance of input error due to manual entry. The laser can then treat the specific points individually. Eyeglasses and contacts only treat lower aberrations, but point-by-point laser correction allows lower and higher order aberrations to be treated. This improves the vision tremendously and can get even better results than 20/20. “Supervision” is the term being applied to this kind of vision. Unlike previous technologies where night vision was a problem with glare and haloes, wavefront-based treatment may actually improve the night vision.

A Whole New LASIK Procedure

Wavefront laser technology can be combined with thin flap LASIK technique to give a quick healing great visual result. Thin flaps have been determined to be safer with better visual outcomes. Wavefront technology as we have seen, can best correct the visual aberrations. The best of both worlds is achieved by combing the two technologies.
Wavefront technology can also be combined with superficial laser application like in Superlasik, so even patients who are not candidates for LASIK can obtain the benefit of this advancement in the field of eye surgery.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of wavefront-guided LASIK and see them for yourself, schedule a custom LASIK consultation at the Khanna Institute of LASIK and Refractive Surgery for thousand oaks lasik correction today.

LASIK with Wavefront in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Orange County, California