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Cost of LASIK vs Cost of Contact Lenses

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Surely you have bought a pair of glasses and/or contact lenses. How much did a pair of glasses cost? Is it really cheaper than the cost of LASIK? The cost of Restor Aspheric Lens or Crystalens HD works cheaper than purchasing Bifocals every other year. God bless Benjamin Franklin who is credited with inventing Bifocals, but that was the 18th century– a time of horse drawn carriages. In this era of Facebook and imminent space travel how come we are lagging to adopt the better technology for vision? Could it be that the big glasses and contact lens companies want to continue making money without really caring for the best interest of the patients? Dr. Khanna cares for you and for your vision.


A lot has been written about the complications of LASIK. Have you compared the risks of contact lenses vs. the risk of LASIK? Studies have shown that LASIK is seven times safer than contact lenses. The safety increases further when you come to Khanna Institute of LASIK. We provide you with a consent form listing all the risks and benefits of LASIK. Does your eye care provider provide you with a list of the complications that can arise from using Contact lenses? Why not? Why are they hiding the truth? Please look them in the eye and ask them, “Which is safer, Contact Lenses or Khanna LASIK?” Khanna LASIK is safer than Contact Lenses. Khanna LASIK provides better vision than any glasses ever could.

The truth cannot be suppressed anymore. Throw away your crutches and learn to walk. Throw away your glasses and learn to see. That is what Khanna Lasik can achieve for people who are still dependent on glasses. Khanna LASIK has benefitted even legally blind patients. Our patients really get emotional when they have surgery and they are able to see even better than 20/20. Khanna LASIK is making our country safer by imparting better vision to coast guards, police officers, marines and other branches of the armed forces. Wavefront LASIK can help you achieve your dreams. We can help you on this journey to better vision with Wavefront LASIK at the Khanna Institute of Lasik Surgery.