Can Lasik cause flutters?

No, Lasik does not cause flutters and Lasik does not treat flutters.

Can Lasik cause dry eyes?

Yes, Lasik can cause dry eyes, but usually it’s not permanent.

Can Lasik be done twice?

Yes, Lasik can be done twice. And when we do it the second time, we don’t even have to lift the flap.

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Things to avoid after Lasik.


Excreting is good for health. It may even speed up recovery. Eye surgeons caution against vigorous exercise.

Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol can halt the effects of any type of medication taken by a person so it must be avoided as well after having Lasik eye surgery.

Bath in a Shower

It is advisable that no water should enter the eyes for the first few days after Lasik eye surgery. So taking a bath with a shower must be avoided.

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Lasik uncommon questions

Good Morning, Dr Khanna here, with some very interesting questions on Lasik eye surgery, looking at it from a different angle. Some things I hadn’t thought people think and that’s how we learn more.

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Rajesh Khanna is an award-winning ophthalmologist who has been recognized by doctors, magazines, and numerous organizations. He was identified as the top doctor in L.A. in 2011, VOTED BEST Lasik surgeon by the readers of the L.A Daily News and the Ventura County Star, listed as one of America’s top ophthalmologists by Consumer Research Council of America, featured on the cover of Beverly Hills Times, and featured on the Best of L.A. SoCal T.V and numerous radio stations across the country. Additionally, he was featured in a 2011 article in Newsweek where he was listed as one of the top 15 leaders in laser eye surgery. He is trusted by many Hollywood celebrities and doctors.

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