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Khanna at 2016 Caan Golf Tournament

james Caan Photo           Khanna Vision Institute attends  2016 James Caan Golf Tournament

james Caan Photojames Caan Photojames Caan Photo

Lasik golf fun and smiles.

Khanna Vision Institute had the privilege of attending the annual James Caan Golf Tournament held at the beautiful El Caballero Country club in Tarzana California. This golf Tournament is an annual event held in the Los Angeles each spring. The day started with a lovely breakfast catered by Nate and Al’s, as attendee’s proceeded to warm up at the driving range for the competitive game that lie ahead.  Khanna Vision Institute worked closely with event coordinators to provide the attendees with more information about how Lasik Eye Surgery, Prelex and various other eye procedures can help to improve ones golf game.

With modern science and technology, one can greatly improve their golf game in addition to several other sports and recreational activities. Often times people began to struggle with their vision as they began to age. However, science and medicine have made it possible to have great vision for near, middle, and distance. It was an honor to be in such great company, with a plethora of talented actors and business professionals.

Lasik Golf

It is our goal at Khanna Vision to provide every patient with quality vision. We believe the gift of sight is something that should be cherished and not taken for granted. Regardless of whether you have been wearing glasses for your entire life, and your prescription is continually worsening, or your vision has began to decrease as a result of the natural progression of life,  there are options and treatments to dramatically improve your sight. In fact we have notice lasik golf are interrelated. Lasik helps improve the golf game. Vision is even more important than a set of clubs.

Khanna Vision Institute greatly supports James Caan and his efforts the annual event. The proceeds of this event benefit Impact the prominent drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.  james Caan Photo



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