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LASIK for Athletes

LASIK for Athletes

Beverly Hills, Westlake Village, and Los Angeles, California

Both professional and non-professional athletes who play contact sports are often interested in LASIK because of how impossible it is to safely wear glasses or contact lenses during play. The impact of a ball or an unexpected fall could damage your eyes if glasses break, and contact lenses can easily fall out in the process of gameplay. Additionally, when dirt and sweat builds up beneath contacts, the resulting irritation can cause vision problems.

LASIK can benefit athletes in many different ways. However, there are risks that should be carefully evaluated before undergoing the procedure. Not every athlete will be a good candidate for LASIK – in which case, another type of refractive surgery should be considered.

The Advantages of LASIK for Athletes

For qualified candidates, LASIK can provide life-changing freedom and comfort during gameplay, while also potentially improving your athletic performance. Not only will you avoid worrying about eyewear during the game, you will also be able to excel at your sport by seeing clearly and sharply. Some patients enjoy better peripheral vision after LASIK than most glasses and contacts can provide.

The Drawbacks of LASIK for Athletes

Since LASIK involves creating a flap in your cornea, athletes who resume playing sports too soon after surgery are at risk of dislodging the corneal flap before it has adequately healed. This can cause pain and damage that must be corrected during a follow-up treatment.

If you play baseball or soccer, you are a lower-risk LASIK candidate because your face is not habitually exposed to impact like it is in other sports (e.g. wrestling). If you play a higher risk sport (such as football or martial arts), you should wait until the off-season to have LASIK surgery to allow plenty of time for the corneal flap to heal.

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Evaluating Your LASIK Candidacy as an Athlete

During a free LASIK screening, Dr. Khanna can discuss the risks and benefits of LASIK in more detail as they relate to your medical history, your lifestyle, the sport you play, and your specific vision needs. If you are approved for LASIK surgery, you will need to avoid playing sports during the initial stages of recovery, and you must closely follow all post-surgical instructions that Dr. Khanna provides.

However, as long as you take all of the necessary precautions before and after LASIK, you can enjoy the benefits of this procedure as an athlete for many years to come.

If you are an athlete considering LASIK, please contact The Khanna Institute today or call (888) 339-8143 to schedule your free LASIK screening with Dr. Khanna. We serve patients in Beverly Hills, Westlake Village, and surrounding areas of Los Angeles.