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LASIK Surgery Reviews

Lasik Eye surgery Reviews of Khanna Vision Institute have been written by actual patients. These people trusted their eyes in the hands of Rajesh Khanna, MD. They were elated with the outcomes of their vision correction procedures.

Khanna Vision Institute has built a solid reputation by providing gently, caring laser eye surgery procedures to a wide variety of patients from various backgrounds. While there is always risk involved with any surgery, LASIK is one of the least invasive of the laser surgeries, and the recovery time is incredibly short. There indeed have been issues with patients reacting badly to the surgery, experiencing problems with their corneal flap or enduring longer than normal recovery times. These types of issues occur on a rare basis, and at Khanna your LASIK professional will recommend only the best surgery option for you.

What do Khanna Vision Institute patients have to say?

The important thing with any medical procedure is that the outcome is successful. With thorough training and years of experience in the LASIK eye surgery field Khanna has gained a loyal following in those who have experienced the miracle of restored vision through LASIK. Here are some of the overall reviews given by Dr. Khanna’s patients regarding their LASIK experience:

  • Patients describe their LASIK surgery experience with Khanna as being completely positive. Khanna goes out of their way to ensure the patient’s comfort and peace of mind.
  • Khanna is extremely thorough in keeping the patient current on all conditions, procedures, and recommendations. They are patient in listening to any concerns or questions one may have and they will provide you with honest, complete answers.
  • The LASIK procedure conducted by Dr. Khanna and the Institute is powerfully effective in the restoration of normal vision. You will literally go in unable to see and after recovery you will have completely clear, normal vision without the assistance of eyeglasses or contact lenses of any kind.
  • The recovery period is virtually pain-free; most who have undergone the LASIK procedure report they didn’t even require so much as an ibuprofen or Tylenol®.
  • From the pre-surgical appointments and consultations all the way through the recovery and subsequent follow-up checks Khanna Vision Institute will be with you every step of the way. There is simply no laser institute who exhibits such care for their patients, and the compassion and concern for the peace of mind of their patients is astounding.
lasik eye surgery reviews

lasik eye surgery reviews

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Wearing glasses or contact lenses can be a blessing, but on the same token they are simply no longer required if you want to have clear vision. Today there are many vision professionals able to assist you with consultations and recommendations regarding laser eye surgery, but you simply will not find another provider like Khanna Vision Institute. When it comes to your eyes you must go with the very best, with the specialist who has built a reputation on compassion and successful implementation of the procedure you desire. In a nutshell Khanna is simply one of the very best LASIK and laser eye surgeons in Los Angeles and the surrounding area. Call them today!


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