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Lasik eye surgery gift for mothers day- 50 % off lasik eye surgery

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What is the best gift that you can give to your mother on Mother’s Day this year? Nothing can be a better gift than the gift of flawless eyesight. its a gift which will keep on giving. Many of us see our mothers struggling with poor eye sights, struggling through the day and night with not so perfect vision. Make sure to give her something she will cherish for a lifetime. With growing age come all sorts of problems related to vision like hyperopia and myopia. Lasik can be perfect gift for your mother as it would not only get her rid of vision problems but would also be a fast and painless procedure. Many people, especially the older ones, dread to go in for a surgery of any kind due to the pain that they presume they will have to bear but with Lasik eye surgery such fears can be thrown out of the window. The Lasik procedure only lasts about 5 minutes, requires minimal downtime and although there is some discomfort there is no pain during the surgery. Experiencing pain is a far-fetched idea as far as Lasik is concerned.

Lasik helps reshape the cornea, all the while eliminating any chance of an injury during the surgery. Now with Lasik, there is no use of surgical blades in the process. Laser rays are used instead to reshape the cornea. In addition, there are much less medicines required in Lasik. Don’t worry about spending lots of money on buying pre-surgery drugs because your mother will only need a small amount of drops for pre-treatment.

Older adults may be great candidates for Lasik too. In fact, according to Dr. Dimitri Azar of Filed chair of Ophthalmologic research at University of Illinois at Chicago, “We are seeing an increasing demand for LASIK surgery for older adults, who present special challenges”.*

Today Lasik is not only safe but it is affordable too. We understand some of you may not have collected enough cash to afford this gift. So I asked my staff to work with you to make it affordable – including easy monthly installments. Please call my staff and ask for details at (323) 5775 EYE. Choose to gift your mother the gift of Lasik this Mother’s Day. It won’t cost you a fortune and you can afford it with the limited means that you may have.

If your mom is not a candidate for lasik eye surgery, we have other technologies like Pi In Eye. Of course if you are in another country, make sure you get the best practitioner of this technique for your mother. Decide well in advance before Mother’s Day arrives so that you get ample time to find the best Lasik surgeon.


By Rajesh Khanna, MD

Los Angeles Lasik eye surgeon

Khanna Vision Institute is offering great prices for mothers during the month of May to help you give the gift of Lasik eye surgery.

Dr. Khanna performed vision corrective surgery on his own mother and has performed over 10,000 surgeries. He believes it is important to treat every patient like family and strives in making people happy with their new vision.

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