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Welcome to the discussion on Lasik and your eyes in Los Angeles, California.

Lets say you want to have Lasik and your eyes are dry. There are some special problems related to living in So Cal. It is dry. Even though we are next to an ocean, humidity is low. The tears from eyes evaporate at a fast rate. This causes dry eyes. When it rains you may have noticed the moisture increases. Your eyes become comfortable. That may be an ideal time to have lasik eye surgery.Only if that was not such a rare event. So unpredictable too. You could leave Los Angeles and move away. Easier said than done.

We therefore need to treat dry eyes.

Lasik and your eyes 2016

The current options to treat dry eyes range from the simple to the exotic. Warm compress and lid massage which cost  a few cents. Lipiflow which burns a hole in your pocket. Inexpensive lubricant eye ointment at bedtime. Or the costly restasis eye drops. Humidifiers, Artificial tears fit in between. What about the current rage of nutritional supplements?

Omega 3  fish oil is popular. few years ago the buzz word was flax seed oil. Either way good balanced nutrition is important. Healthy food leads to healthy eyes.

Lasik and Your eyes Actor Rizwan Manji from the television show Outsourced

Actor Rizwan Manji from the television show Outsourced

Lasik Eye surgery – Keep it safe

  1. Cornea. Check the shape. It can be done on color corneal topography
  2. Thickness of Cornea: By ultrasound or optical pachymetry. The thickness is important. The map indicating any thin areas is what is new in 2016.
  3. Lasers. The latest are better. You cannot risk your eyes with obsolete technology.
  4. Surgical experience. Lasik eye surgeons today know more than they did a decade ago. So find a skilled lasik doctor who has been operating for over 10 years and has performed thousands of lasik eye surgeies.

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