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LASIK and Diabetes

Uncontrolled diabetes poses a risk for eye health. When your blood sugar levels are not properly regulated, vision changes (such as blurriness) can occur, as well as retinal damage. The latter problem – a disease known as diabetic retinopathy – may eventually cause blindness if it is never treated.

If you have diabetes, but do not have retinopathy, you may still potentially be a good candidate for LASIK. However, diabetics do have a higher risk of complications after LASIK. Corneal abnormalities are common in patients with diabetes, which can cause healing after LASIK to be slow and imperfect. You may also experience increased light sensitivity.

In short, diabetes requires a thorough pre-surgical evaluation in order to determine your LASIK candidacy, and to anticipate possible problems. If your retina has fragile blood vessels, or if early cataracts are present in the lens, then the risks of LASIK will most likely outweigh the benefits. However, if no eye damage is found during your screening and your diabetes is adequately controlled, you can still enjoy the benefits of this life-changing procedure.

If you have diabetes and are interested in LASIK, please contact The Khanna Institute today or call (877) 254-2662 to schedule your free LASIK screening. We serve patients in Beverly Hills, Westlake Village, and surrounding areas of Los Angeles, California.

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